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New Delhi hosted the first Asian Games in 1951 and the ninth Asian Games in 1982.

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Q: What is the only Indian city to have hosted the Asian Games?
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Which is the only Indian city to have hosted the Asian games till date?

Which is the only Indian city to have hosted Asian games till date

Which Indian city hosted the first Afro-Asian Games in 2003?


Which Asian city hosted the Commonwealth games before Delhi?


What was the first Asian city to host the Commonwealth Games?

Kuala Lumpur was the first Asian city to host the Commonwealth Games. They hosted in 1998.

Which asian city hosted the 1964 olympic games?

Tokyo in Japan hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics.

City which hosted the Asian games most number of times?

Bangkok, Thailand has hosted the Asian Games 4 times - 1966, 1970, 1978, and 1998. Only one other city has hosted them more than once, that being New Delhi who hosted in 1951 and 1982.

In which city was the first Asian games held?

The Asian Games (also known as the Asiad) are a series of competitions that countries from all over Asia. In total 46 nations have participated in the games over sixteen competitions. New Delhi was the first city to host the Asian Games when it hosted in 1951. In 2014 the Asian Games will be hosted by Incheon, South Korea.

What was the site of the first Asian Winter Olympics?

The first Asian host of the Winter Olympics was the city of Sapporo in Japan which hosted the 1972 Games

Which Asian city hosted the CWG before Delhi?


Which city hosted the Olympic Games in 1972?

Munich hosted the Summer Games and Sapporo hosted the Winter Games.

Till today which is the only Indian city to host Asian Games?

new delhi

What city hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

Delhi hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

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