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Japan. The Winter Olympics have only ever been in one Asian country, Japan. That is until 2018 when Pyeongchang, South Korea hosts.

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Q: What Asian nations have held the winter Olympics more then once?
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Second Asian country that held Olympics?

South Korea was the second unique Asian country to hold the Olympics in 1988. (Japan had held both the Winter and the Summer Olympics before then)

Where were the 1988 Olympics games held?

In 1988 the Summer Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea while the Winter Olympics were held in Calgary, Canada. 160 nations participated in the summer and 57 participated in winter.

Which city in Asia was the first to hold the winter Olympics?

Sapporo, Japan wsa the first Asian city to host the Winter Olympics. It was held in 1972.

Where was the winter Olympics of 1982 held?

The Winter Olympics were not held in 1982.

Where was the 1918 Winter Olympics held?

There was no Winter Olympics held in 1918.

Where were the 1966 winter Olympics held?

There were no Olympics in 1966. The 1964 Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck, Austria and the 1968 Winter Olympics were held in Grenoble, France.

Where and when will the winter Olympics be held?

the winter Olympics will be held at Vancouver, Canada on 2015

Where are the next winter Olympics be held?

the 2014 winter Olympics will be held in russia

Number of athletes competing Winter Olympics 1924?

258 athletes from 16 nations competed in the first Winter Olympics (1924), held in Chamonix, France.

When and where were the winter Olympics held in Australia?

The winter Olympics have never been held in Australia.

Where will the next winter Olympics be held and when?

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia.

Where were the 1968 winter Olympics held?

The 1968 Winter Olympics were held in Grenoble, France.

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