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As of 2021, Brunei has never won any gold medal in the Olympics.

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Q: Which Asian country has never won any gold medal in Olympics?
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Which country has never won a medal in the Olympics?


What country has been to the winter Olympics and has never won a medal?


Does Cuba go compete in the Olympics?

Yes, although they have only competed in the Summer Olympics. They are currently the most successful (in medal count) of the countries that have never won a medal in the winter Olympics, and ranked 4th in medals won by a country who hasn't hosted.

Did Jet Li win a gold medal in the Olympics?

he never was in the olympics

Has chili ever won a medal in gymnastics in the Olympics?

No, not only has Chile not won a gymnastics medal ... they have never sent an athlete to the Olympics to compete in gymnastics.

Does Nick Jonas have an Olympic Medal?

Nick never participated in the Olympics

Who won Ethiopia's first ever gold medal at the Olympics?

No one, Ethiopia has never won a gold at the olympics.

How Many Medals Did Mexico Win In Winter Olympics?

Mexico has never won a medal in the Winter Olympics. Mexico has participated in 7 Winter Olympics (1928, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1994, 2002, 2010) in alpine skiing, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton, and figure skating but no athlete has won a medal.

What 3 events in the Olympics has the US never won a medal?

handball, Nordic, and biathlon

Did Romania have the Olympics in there country?

No, the Olympics have never been held in Romania.

Did Lithuania ever win a medal for bobsledding?

No. Since the advent of the bobsleigh competition in the 1924 Olympics Lithuania has never won an Olympic medal.

What European country a member of the IOC has never competed in the Olympics?

No country is a part of the IOC that does not compete in the Olympics.