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Japan and South Korea jointly hosted it in 2002, becoming the first Asian countries to do so.

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Q: What is the first Asian country to hosts for football world cup?
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In which country 1st world cup football was held?

Uruguay. It was won by the hosts.

What Asian nations have held the winter Olympics more then once?

Japan. The Winter Olympics have only ever been in one Asian country, Japan. That is until 2018 when Pyeongchang, South Korea hosts.

What year was the first football World Cup?

1930. It was won by the hosts, Uruguay, beating Argentina.

Which company hosted the football world cup in 2006?

No company ever hosts the World Cup. It is hosted by a country. In 2006, it was in Germany.

Which country won the very first soccer world cup?

Uruguay, as they were also hosts.

What city hosts patriots football?


Who are hosts country of first World Cup?

Uruguay was the host for the firast world cup in 1930.

Which year was the first football world cup held?

The 1st World cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay. It was also won by the hosts

Which country is the lowest ranked team in Euro 2012?

Poland are the lowest ranked football team in euro 2012 they automatically qualified as they are joint hosts with Ukraine

Who hosts premiere league football matches?


What are the names of the Sunday night football hosts?

Colinsworth and boomer

Which English city hosts the largest number of professional football teams?

London holds the most football clubs.

What is mons?

The town hosts a football club named R.A.E.C mons

Who hosted the 1998 football world cup?

France were the hosts, and they won it.

What country hosts Hajj?

Saudi Arabia

Which country hosts French Open?


This city hosts the the NFL football team known as the ''Jaguars''.?

Jacksonville, Florida.

Which country hosts the most refugees?

south africa

What happens to an economy of a country that hosts the Olympics?

They get captured

How do they decide who hosts the football world cup?

There are votes caste at F.I.F.A head office.

Fifa 2010 world cup football will be held at?

South Africa will be the hosts in 2010.

Which Africa country is the first to qualify for the 2010 world cup?

The hosts are South Africa so they would automatically qualify as they are the host nation,so they would be the first to qualify,,,,Alan Crowe

Who was the first team to qualify for the 2014 world cup?

The country that hosts the World Cup automatically qualifies for the tournament, so Brazil were the first ones to qualify for the 2014 FIFA world cup.

Where will the football World Cup be held this summer?

South Africa will be the hosts of World Cup 2010.

What country was the 2006 FIFA World Cup hosts?