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a Rugby union player can't play for Another Country after representing one country at senior level

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Q: How long can't an international rugby union player play for another country after playing for a country?
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Who is the player who played to two international cricket playing nations?

James hayter AFC bournemouth

What does caps mean is soccer?

"Caps" is the number of International Matches a player has played in for their country.

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How does FIFA determine nationality?

1. Any player who is a naturalized citizen of a country in virtue of that country's laws shall be eligible to play for a national or representative team of that country. 2. If a player has been included in a national or representative team of a country for which he is eligible to play pursuant to paragraph 1, he shall not be permitted to take part in an international match for another country. Accordingly, any player who is qualified to play for more than one national association (i.e. who has dual nationality) will be deemed to have committed himself to one association only when he plays his first international match in an official competition (at any level) for that association. 3. The only players exempt from this provision are those whose nationality has been changed not voluntarily but as the result of an international decree either granting independence to a region or ceding part of one country to another.

What does caps stand for in soccer?

Cap stands for Country APearences. It signifies how many times a certain player has played for their country in international competition.

Is it possible to be from the US and play on another nations team such as England for rugby?

There are specific rules that apply to non national playing for another country. This depends on the birth place of the parent and in some cases the grand parent. The country of domicile and the length of time that the player has been there and can claim nationalisation.

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Who is the player who scored two centuries for two different international cricket playing nations?

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Can a college baseball player play another sport after playing four years?

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