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James hayter AFC bournemouth

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Q: Who is the player who played to two international cricket playing nations?
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Who is the player played for two nations in international cricket?

Kepler Wessels- South Africa and Australia

List of all cricketers who have played international cricket?

Its practically impossible to give you the list of all the cricketers who played or playing international cricket. But for your satisfaction here is the link.

What is One-Day International cricket?

One-Day International cricket is a shortened form of the full game of cricket. The games are played to a previously-agreed number of overs, usually fifty in this form, by teams representing individual ICC nations.

Why cricket is not included in the Olympics?

Cricket is not played by enough nations. Only 10 nations play test cricket so it is not included.

When was cricket originiated?

he game of cricket has a known history spanning from the 16th century to the present day, with international matches played since 1844, although the official history of international Test cricket began in 1877. During this time, the game developed from its origins in England into a game which is now played professionally in most of theCommonwealth of Nations.

In which international stadium is the highest international cricket games played?

The Lord's

What international sport is played at the MCG in summer?


Indian criketers names who played international cricket?

name of Indian cricket players those played in 1977

Where did India play the first International Cricket Match?

India played the first International Cricket Match at Lords in London in 1932.

When become Bangladesh full member of international cricket council?

Bangladesh's first official foray into international cricket came in the 1979 ICC Trophy in England, It played its first Test match in 2000 against India in Dhaka, becoming the tenth Test cricket playing nation.

Is cricket played in the field?

Yes cricket is played outside either in a field or in an arena depending on who is playing.

Which international sport is played at the MCG in summer?

Cricket and Polo

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