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Eoin Morgan -Ireland Then England

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Q: Who is the player who scored two centuries for two different international cricket playing nations?
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How many teams play international cricket?

16 nations uptill 2009

In cricket what is a ODI?

ODI stands for One Day International. It's a form of cricket in which two teams from different nations play each other each receiving about 50 overs of batting and bowling each.

Who is the player who played to two international cricket playing nations?

James hayter AFC bournemouth

Who is the player played for two nations in international cricket?

Kepler Wessels- South Africa and Australia

What is One-Day International cricket?

One-Day International cricket is a shortened form of the full game of cricket. The games are played to a previously-agreed number of overs, usually fifty in this form, by teams representing individual ICC nations.

Why is cricket unpopular in south America?

Cricket has a distinct English heritage. Almost all countries who regularly play cricket (especially international cricket) are members of the Commonwealth of Nations (primarily nations formerly part of the British Empire) or have otherwise had extensive English contact over the years.Only one South American nation fits this description: Guyana, but Guyana plays cricket as part of the West Indies.That being said, Argentina is actually an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council, meaning they have an established cricket organization but are not among the highest class of competing nations. Other South American nations are slowly getting into the game as well. Still, the interest in cricket in South America pales against that of futbol (soccer).

Why cricket is not included in the Olympics?

Cricket is not played by enough nations. Only 10 nations play test cricket so it is not included.

How many Cricket nations?


When was cricket originiated?

he game of cricket has a known history spanning from the 16th century to the present day, with international matches played since 1844, although the official history of international Test cricket began in 1877. During this time, the game developed from its origins in England into a game which is now played professionally in most of theCommonwealth of Nations.

What does it mean by international?

The term international means between two nations. If you are at the international terminal of the airport it is because you are travelling from one nation to a different nation.

Which nations serve as international peacekeepers?

The United Nations serve as international peacekeepers. Particularly, the United States and Canada are the international peacekeepers in the United Nations.

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