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Paul Scholes

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Q: Which premiership player recently retired from international football and scored with his last kick of the ball for his country?
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Which country has the longest unbeaten run in international football?

It is Brazil.

In what country were modern soccer rule rules established?

The Laws of the Game were most-recently revised in Zurich, Switzerland during the 2010 General Meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

What 13 premiership players who is the only 1 from there country to win the premiership?


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The best way to see where teams have to travel around the country is to check the map at the following link ; This shows where each team in the Premiership is located.

Who is the governing body for national football?

If you are talking about international football, like England vs Germany, It is the FIFA or other association like UEFA, CONMEBOL etc. If you are talking about domestic football in the same country, it is the Football Association(FA) of the country.

How many football teams that participated in Beijing Olympic?

No, football is not included in the Olympics because football is not an international sport. In other words, not every country has a football team, since football is an American sport.

Which country hosted the International Federation of Football Association of Football in 1970 and 1986?

The World Cup was held in Mexico in 1970 and 1986.

Which country does Gareth McCleary of reading play football for?

Assuming you meant Garath McCleary... Since 2013 - he has played international football for Jamaica.

What is the name of China's football team?

It is just called China. Most international football teams don't have special names, but are just named after their country.

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Diego Maradona, the great international football (soccer) hero, lives in Argentina.

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