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The team that did not recieve the technical foul, picks a shooter, and then shoot two foul shots, then the team that got to shoot the foul shots get the ball on the side out of bounds.

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Q: How is the game restarted after a technical foul?
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If all but four players foul out can the game continue?

Yes. What will happen is that the last person to foul out will get called for a technical because there are no players left to play. The other team will get two technical foul shots, and the game will continue.

What type of foul can be called on a player for bad conduct?

A Technical Foul

A player is on the bench when a technical foul is called on the opposing coach. Can this player be entered into a high school game to shoot the technical foul shot?

no that is not aloud you have to pick from the 5 you have on the court when the technical foul happens

When a technical foul is called does it also count as a personal foul and a team foul?

yes because it is a type of foul

What foul does a poor sportsmanship cause?

a technical foul

What happens if you foul out and stay on the court?

Technical foul

Is a technical foul counted as a personal foul in the NBA?


Can a basketball player return to a game wearing another players jersey?

No. It would instantly be a technical foul.

Who got a technical foul for tying their shoe in an NBA game?

On February 29th, 2012, in a game between the Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs, Spurs guard Gary Neal was called for a technical foul for tying his shoe (5:31 left in the first quarter).

If a personal foul is called and then a technical fouled is also called which foul shot is shot first?

technical is first

Can a basketball player not get the MVP award if they get a technical foul?

Ofcourse they can get the MVP award even though they have had a technical foul.......

Can a technical foul be called on fans watching the game?

well you connot be called on but if youpiss off someone then they can remove you