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Technical foul

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Q: What happens if you foul out and stay on the court?
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What happens if a player is sent off the court in basketball?

Depends on what for if injury maybe to get taped up. For fouls they have fouled out and must stay out the remainder of the game. For flagrant 2 foul they are ejected.

A player is on the bench when a technical foul is called on the opposing coach. Can this player be entered into a high school game to shoot the technical foul shot?

no that is not aloud you have to pick from the 5 you have on the court when the technical foul happens

What happens after a foul in basketball?

What happens after a foul in basketball

What is a full court press in basketball?

a full court press is where your team makes a shot, then stay on the opponents side of the court and try to stop them from advancing passed half court. if you hold them on their side of the court for 8 seconds, that's a foul on the other team, called the 8 second violation.

If a player throws the ball from his defending court to the opposite court and it enters the rim then will it be considered a shot or a foul?

i think it would be considered a foul

What happens when a foul is committed in soccer?

It depends where and what kind of foul. Also what level

What happens if you miss the hoop on a foul shot?

If there is still another foul shot to be taken then nothing happens its just a miss, but if its the last foul shot then the ball is taken out bye the opposing team.

Does a foul shot occur when ever the defensive team commits a foul?

probably, it depends if it was a flagrant or a regular foul. if it happens, you usually just take it out.

What is the outcome of a foul on the court during general play?

either foul shots or the non fouling team takes the ball out of bounds

What happens if you foul someone in football?

You die

What happens when you get a second technical foul?

You Get Kicked Out

What happens if player touch the net in badminton?


When a batter is hitting foul after foul after foul. Is the batter doing this on purpose to work the pitcher?

A Baseball player hitting foul after foul is done more so to stay alive (not strike out) then to work the pitcher ... You have to keep in mind that the batter him self is using up energy to hit the ball foul ... The batter would rather get a hit then repetitively hitting the ball foul ...

Can a runner advance on a foul ball?

If the ball is caught in foul territory, then the runner has the ability to run at their won risk. But if the player drops the ball in foul territory, then the runners have to stay at their respective bases.

This happens if you bunt with two strikes and it goes foul?

You are called out as soon as a ball is bunted foul if that is the considered 3rd strike...

Is it a technical foul in basketball if only 4 players are on the court?


What is the distance from the basket to foul line?

15 feet on a regulation court

In badminton when serving a part of each foot must remain where?

It should be in contact with the court surface or else it is called a foul, thus causing a foul....

What is a 3 second foul?

It is when you stay in the key for more then 3 seconds

What happens when a foul is committed in volleyball?

when a foul is committed in volleyball that team/side losses that point and gives the other side the serve.

What happens when you turn foul sliders up in nba 2k11?

Probably any type of defense you play, the ref will call a foul.

What happens if the wrong person shoots a free throw?

Technical Foul, but it probably never happens.....

What happens after a double foul in basketball?

I believe play continues........

What happens if pot the red and white ball in snooker?


Penalty for too many players on the basketball court?

A technical foul will be charged