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technical is first

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Q: If a personal foul is called and then a technical fouled is also called which foul shot is shot first?
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What is the important first step in acquiring a work or personal reference?

identify technical specifications

What was the very first personal computer called?


What is the first person-singular nominative case personal pronoun called?

The first person nominative singular personal pronoun is I.

Where was the first Walmart located?

The first store was in Bentonville, Arkansas! It was called Walton's. Or if you want to get technical the very first actual walmart is in Rogers Arkansas.

Who created the first successful personal computer called Altair?


When do you only get one free throw?

After a successful field goal attempt and in certain instances when a technical foul is called. And during the 1 and 1 for high school and college when a team is over their foul limit. The 1 and 1 is when you are under the team that fouled you has 9 or less team fouls, you get a chance to make two free throws. However, if you miss the first free throw, then you don't get the opportunity to make the next.

When was First Nations Technical Institute created?

First Nations Technical Institute was created in 1985.

Who were the first people to become Christians?

The people who personally knew Jesus Christ, If you want to be technical, the Apostles, in the order they were called.

What is an account of the personal experiences of its author called?

its memoirAn account of the personal experiences of an author is called a memoir. It is written in a first-person point of view just like most autobiographies.

Who developed the first altair personal computer?

A company called MITS in Albuquerque, NM.

What company first manufactured and sold the first personal computer?

The first commercial desktop PC was called the Programma 101. It was made by a company called Olivetti, and was first shown at the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

When was the first personal computer created?

When was the first personal computer created?" When was the first personal computer created?"

What are the amendments to the US constitution called that spell out the personal rights of the people?

The first 10 Amendments.

If a cather misses a third strike bunt can the batter advance to first?

The batter can make an attempt to reach first, but if the ball is fouled off by the batter, the batter is out (strike out).

What tools should I focus on learning in order to get my first technical writing job?

A good tool is to write a technical report on the technical product of your choice, meaning a product you are already familiar with. Another tool is to take courses on technical writing. Learning all the common buzz words associated with the technical details of a personal computer for example. Use your own PC as an example and write all you know about operating your PC using technical words such as RAM or CPU speed.

The first Microsoft operating system which helped launch the personal computer revolution is called?


When is a ball fouled in baseball?

When the ball is hit and goes behind the foul lines. The call is usually made after the ball crosses first

What was the name of the first PC?

According to "The Handy History Answer Book" by Rebecca Nelson the first Personal Computer was called Apple I. The first electronic digital computer was the Mark I . And the first mechanical computing machine was called the "analytical engine" though it was never completed.

What was the first technical object?


Apple company made the first personal computer or not?

Apple did not make the first personal computer. A company called Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) produced a kit in 1975 that you could assemble into the Altair 8800 microcomputer which is considered to be the first personal computer. The sales of this computer were higher than expected which indicated that there was a demand for personal computers. This inspired Apple and many others to start developing and selling their own brand of personal computers.

Where can one purchase a personal attack alarm?

One can purchase personal attack alarms from places such as Amazon or eBay, the website of Protect Me First, or a charity website called Resist Attack.

How many free throws are allowed a player when fouled in basketball?

There's a variety of free throws that can come off of fouls. If a players is fouled in the act of shooting a two point field goal, and misses, he is allowed 2 shots. If he/she is fouled in the act of a three point field goal, and misses, he/she is allowed 3 shots. If the player makes a field goal and is fouled, he/she gets one shot. If the player is fouled while his/her team is in the bonus, where the other team has a certain amount of fouls, he/she gets a one-and-one where he/she gets one shot and only gets the second shot if he/she makes the first one. If the player is in the double bonus, another set amount of team fouls on the other team, they are allowed two shots.

What is a first party check?

A first party check is also called a personal check. This is a check written by the individual whose name is attached to the bank account the check is written from.

What technical events happened in 1997?

A technical event that happened in 1997 includes the failure of the Telstar 401 satellite and the launch of the space shuttle called Atlantis 18. Another event included the shuttle Atlantis docking with the international space station for the first time.

When did Lego Technics first come on the market?

The name "Technics" was first used in 1984, though this was just a rebranding of an existing line from around 1977 that had previously been called "Technical Sets" or "Expert Builder".