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Q: Is a technical foul counted as a personal foul in the NBA?
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If you are guarding a shooter and you put your hand in the face of the shooter is this a personal or technical foul?

if they dont touch them its neither, but if they touch its a personal The above answer is incorrect. It is a technical foul at all levels through college to face guard an opponent (except in the NBA which allows eye guarding).

What happens to you if you get a technical foul in the nba?

You get a fine and a 1 game suspension

Why do NBA players get 6 personal fouls per game?

you can have unlimited personal fouls. you cannot be fouled out of the game with an offensive foul, but still counts to your personal foul count.

What is a technical foul in nba?

A technical foul is given to a player when he loses control, pushes/shoves a player, physical contact, yelling at referee, basically inappropriate behavior. Two technicals = an ejection.

What would happen if an NBA team had all of its players foul out in a game?

In the college game, a team has to forfeit the game when they are down to one eligible player--- unless the referee believes they could still win the game.In the NBA, teams must have five players on the court, and there is a rarely-used procedure where players can come back into the game if their team runs out of players. If a player comes back in after fouling out and gets another personal foul, his team is assessed a technical foul in addition to the personal foul.

How many personal fouls until you are out of the basketball game?

In US high school and college, and international play a player is disqualified after their 5th personal foul. In the NBA a player is disqualified after their 6th personal foul.

How many fouls are there in nba?

After a player commits his sixth personal foul of the contest, he's disqualified.

How many free throws do you get to take on a technical foul?

You get 2 free throws in college and 1 free throw in the NBA.

Can you get a technical foul on NBA 2k11?

I don't think you can i have never gotten one ever. It's also very rare to get a charge as well.

What is a technical shot?

It's a free throw worth one point after someone on the other team gets a technical foul which are given out when a player or coach acts out of conduct such as yelling at the ref, talking trash, taunting, showboating, etc. In the NBA, a player shoots one technical shot for one point. In high school and NCAA (college) they get two technical shots for two points. In the NBA if both players/coaches on separate teams both get a technical foul it's a "double technical" and no free throws are shot.

In the NBA what is the difference between a technical foul and a flagrant foul?

a techical foul is when you say yell at the ref perposly push some one down yell at a coach and or player ect while a flagrant foul is you accidently hit someones hand or touch arm or run into them

Who got a technical foul for tying their shoe in an NBA game?

On February 29th, 2012, in a game between the Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs, Spurs guard Gary Neal was called for a technical foul for tying his shoe (5:31 left in the first quarter).

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