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only in the crease

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Q: How far out can a ice hockey keeper glove the puck?
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What effect does the temperature of a hockey puck have on how far it will travel?

colder = harder = faster = farther

Are there any energies when you shot a hockey puck?

As far as I am aware, there is something called Kinetic energy, the movement of the puck causes kinetic energy.

How far does a hockey puck travel per game?

yo dudes its false z dog out

How far can a hockey puck go on ice?

8m90cm or as some other people like to put it, 8.9m.

How far can a hockey puck travel?

A hockey puck can travel a far as any object if thrown with enough force! It is solid rubber so it can withstand tremendous force. More pertinent to the game of hockey, the rink is roughly 200 feet long and a reasonably strong player can shoot the puck that distance (and hit the far boards with force). Accuracy suffers with the longer shot but hitting an open net (6' x 4') is relatively easy, as proven by million dollar intermission winners!

What is a tip pass in hockey?

A tip pass in hockey is when a player shots the puck to a player from far away and while you do this pass it usually rises of the ground like a small lob in soccer.

Example problem solving in vector quantities?

a hockey puck slides 36m along the ice straight toward the goal. Suddenly it is hit such that it takes a sharp, instantaneous right turn, and travels 28 meters. How far has the puck traveled? How far is it from wher it started?

Does the temperature of a hockey puck affect how far it will travel when struck by the stick?

Well to be honest, I was thinking of doing this for a science fair project and tested that, When the puck is cool it go's allot farther. A warmer Puck will tend to bounce because when its heated the coils inside unravel which makes it bounce. That's why, before a game they freeze the puck.

What is a violation in ice hockey where a puck travels too far without being touched?

that would be called icing it is when you are at even strength between both teams and you are in the defencive zone and you clear the puck all the way to the opposite goal line

What note is the sound that a hockey puck makes when it hits the goal post?

actually, it depends on the angle and speed of the pucks when it hits the post - and how far from the end of the post it hits.

Will the type of glove you wear affact how far you throw?


How do you freeze the puck in hockey?

Quite literally, place it in your freezer (or outside if the temperature is below freezing). Frozen pucks have far less "bounce", and should always be frozen before use in a game.

Which has more body contact basketball or hockey?

hockey by far

Does puck and Sabrina end up together?

Probably! in the whole series so far its been hinting that Puck likes Sabrina, and in the eighth book Sabrina admits she likes Puck.

Why don't pro ice hockey players pick up their sticks on the ice?

1. The stick may be broken. 2. The stick may have gotten too far to reach and the player is in a position where the puck may be.

What hockey magazines are available in subscription form?

the Two I get are Hockey News and USA Hockey but Hockey News is by far the best

How far can a goal keeper run with ball?

all the way

What is the violation when a puck travels too far without being touched?

its called icing and the penalty is that the puck goes back to the other end and there is a face off

What sport is better hockey or soccer?

Hockey, by far...... Personal Opinion only. you are very right hockey players are much tougher

The best hockey player?

Wayne Gretzky. By Far

How far out can a goalie play the puck?

Up to, but no farther than the center ice (floor) line.

Do Sabrina and puck have a child?

ive read 7 of the books and as far as i know i wouldn't count on it

How far does a goal keeper run per soccer game?

50 yards

What is the most popular sport in Canada?

By far, the most popular sport in Canada is ice Hockey

What kind of sports do the Quebec people play?

Hockey is by far the most popular sport.