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8m90cm or as some other people like to put it, 8.9m.

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Q: How far can a hockey puck go on ice?
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Does the rough ice effect the speed of the puck in ice hockey?

yes rough ice does effect the speed of the puck in ice hockey. it makes the puck go slower then if it was smooth ice.

How do you play ice hockey in club penguin?

Get an ice hockey stick then use it then go to the ice rink and walk over the puck and it hits it

How fast does a hockey puck go on ice?

your balls sack jumping up and down

What surface will a hockey puck go faster on plastic ice ceramic cement or wood?

An ice hockey puck travels smoother and faster on ice, floor and street hockey pucks are designed for use on certain surface types and perform better on those specific surfaces.

Can a puck accelerate when a hockey stick hit it?

No, the puck cannot accelerate because the exact moment the hockey stick touches the puck, that will be the maximum speed it will reach. for the puck to go faster, it would need extra propulsion methods. Ice would not make it go faster.

What does change on the fly mean in Hockey?

That means new players come on the ice and the ones that were on the ice go to the bench while the puck is still in play.

How does friction affect the game of hockey?

It affects it because the more you skate on the ice the more marks its makes and with the friction of the puck, it will go faster on fresh ice.

How do you make a air hockey puck go faster?

Spit on it.

In the friends sitcom who got hit in the face with a hockey puck?

Ross got hit by a hockey puck after agreeing to go to a New York Rangers game with Chandler and Joey.

How a hockey game is started?

the referee goes to the center ice face off dot and a player from each team go to the face off dot and the referee drops the puck and the two players at the center battle for the puck e

Can you come in contact in hockey?

Not if it's field hockey. If its ice hockey go for it!

How many kids like ice hockey over rooler hockey?

I'm not entirely sure, but i go with ice hockey.

Does the temperature of a hockey puck affect how far it will travel when struck by the stick?

Well to be honest, I was thinking of doing this for a science fair project and tested that, When the puck is cool it go's allot farther. A warmer Puck will tend to bounce because when its heated the coils inside unravel which makes it bounce. That's why, before a game they freeze the puck.

How do hockey players use math?

When they shoot the puck they use math to see if it will go in the goal

What does a defenseman do in ice hockey?

The defenceman prevents the other team from scoring goals. They can go in the goalie box with the goalie. They basicly are the people who are second goalies, except they can not hanle the puck with their hands.

Where can you go to play ice hockey in Georgia?


How do you become a professional hockey player?

Puck, Hockey Stick, Ice Skates, Safety Pads, Helmet, and Yourself. There ya go!Answergo to the USA hockey website and check it out for locations of ice rinks around you. Call the ice rink and see how you can get yourself into a league. if that's not what you are looking for then go to a sports store get skates and a stick find a pond and some friends that want to play. For best results i recommend using a frozen pond.

What is your role in Hockey position center half?

A center halfbacks job is to go up and down the ice or field and bring the puck or ball away from the net and towards the other teams goal.

How do you play hockey in club penguin?

Go to the stadium and move the puck around by walking over it. If you want to (and u can) u can wear hockey gear.

How does inertia affect the motion of a hockey puck?

If a puck is placed on the ice so that it isn't moving it will stay where it is placed. That's inertia.If a player whacks the puck straight for the net and no other player gets in the way then the puck will go into the net. The only thing that could slow the puck would be the tiny friction between the ice and the puck but that doesn't amount to much. The air turbulence around a puck must have a slight effect too. But the overall straight line trajectory of the puck is inertia too.In ordinary life, things 'at rest stay at rest' and things that are moving move in straight lines unless additional forces act on those things.

How do you shoot a hockey puck perfectly?

To shoot a hockey puck correctly you need to use your wrist allot and have strong arm and leg muscles. There are various ways to shoot a hockey puck one way is to bend your knees slightly, grasp the stick lightly, pul back your hockey stick WITH THE PUCK use your wrist and release using your wrist and kick you leg behind the other leg quickly. if you are unsure how to do this type of shot (wrist shot) check out this video. thanks go hockey!

How fast do ice hockey skaters go?

30 mph

Can you freeze a hockey puck and if so how does it affect the distance it will go or its performance in general?

Yes. Hockey pucks are frozen to reduce friction, thereby increasing its distance range.

Why in hockey do people only where masks that go down to thar eyes?

I think because it is harder to slapshot a puck into the air than it is a ball used in roller hockey.

How do you you snipe in hockey?

Well a snipe is pretty much when you shoot the puck from a ways away and you score on the golie. You can also snipe by squesing the puck into a tight space and makeing it go into the net.