How do you slide softball?

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stick ur foot out and run

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Q: How do you slide softball?
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Related questions

Is softball safe at all?

No. Softball is not safe because if you slide you can sprang your ankle the ball is to hard and what if you have metal cleats and you slide into the catcher that could damage the catchers leg.

Can you slide in softball?

Yes you can slide in softball, however, you cannot slide into first base. The only exception to that is if you make the turn to go to second base, but you end up not going, so in that case, you can do a retreat slide. Other than that, you can slide into any base; including home ; that you would like.

Can you slide into first base in girls softball?

I believe, yes and no, in fast pitch travel softball you are aloud to dive into 1st

Why is softball a better sport than soccer?

soccer you just run and softball you run,steal,lead,slide,bat,and catch

Can you slide to first base in little league fast pitch softball?


Do you have to slide into home in fast pitch softball?

Sometimes it depends where you are playing. I usually have to, or your out.

Can you slide to first base in fast pitch softball?

yes but not head first

Fastest way to slide in softball?

feet first never head first unless you have it

Do you have to you softball pants or shorts or can I just use jogging pants instead of softball pants?

Jogging pants will work until you have to slide or dive. They will usually rip a lot faster than normal softball pants.

What is another name for sliding in softball?

Diving. That's when You Slide on You're Stomache.(Head first.)

How do you run bases in softball?

run through first, but stop on second and third, or slide. on home you can run through but you should slide. round all bases if advancing.

What is a sliding pad in softball?

It's something that goes on or below the knee on the leg that you bend when you slide into home plate.

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