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Q: Can you slide to first base in little league fast pitch softball?
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Can a little league softball picture leave the mound and pitch later in same game?

yes, they can.

Can you dive back to a base in little league fast pitch softball?

Yes. You cannot slide head first while advancing but you can dive head first BACK to a base.

Can a little league junior softball pitcher complete a continued game and then pitch the next day?

yes, there are no rules/regulations for pitching in softball. that's just baseball.

Is there a women's professional softball league for fast-pitch?

Yes there is a pro fast pitch league. The league is NPF, National Pro Fast pitch.

Can you hit a pitch that bounces first in little league baseball?


Can you use a fast pitch softball bat in slo pitch softball?

Generally the rules of the softball league will tell you which bats are able to be used. You may want to check those first. Other than that, yes a fast pitch bat can be used. There are a fe people on my co-ed league who do this and have had no problems for 3+ seasons witht he same bat.

Can a pitcher in little league fast pitch softball go back to the mound after she was pulled off the mound?

yes, so long she has not yet started her pitch or presented the ball.

What is the penalty for an illegal pitch in little league fast pitch softball?

If no one is on base then a ball is awarded to the batter. If a runner or runners are on base then they will be moved up one base and a ball is awarded to the batter.

How is a softball pitch?

Softball Pitch is underarm hand movement

Compare the first softball game to present softball games?

older softball was a slower pitch cause they are not as strong or built as we are today!!!

Can you slide to first base in fast pitch softball?

yes but not head first

What is the average speed of junior league fast pitch softball?

50- 65mph if thrown hard

Do you pitch under hand in softball?

If your playing any kind of Womens softball then yes. But for mens softball, it matters what league your playing in. Some lay overhand slow itch, overhand fast itch, underhand slow pitch or underhand fast pitch. Check with a teamate or make sure what kinda of softball you are playing

Fastest little league pitch?

The fastest Little league pitch was 90 MPH. A twelve year old by threw this pitch. His name is Tanner Beebe.

How a baseball and softball different?

A baseball is smaller than a softball softball- first base looks different Pitch underhand Baseball- overhand

Is there different versions of softball?

yes there is different types of softball. There is fast-pitch and there is slow-pitch softball.

What do you call a softball throw?

i call it a throw. when you pitch the softball its called a pitch.

How do you do different softball pitches in fastpitch league? learn how to do all kinds of pitches or just some pitches and you do it in a fast pitch league..

Can you bunt in softball?

It depends on what the league rules are. High school and college softball you are allowed to bunt. Most often once you reach a certain age in a youth league you're allowed to bunt. (I'm assuming you're talking about fast-pitch softball)

What is the difference between a baseball pitch and softball pitch?

Baseball is a over-handed pitch. Softball is a under-handed pitch

Can you slide into first base in girls softball?

I believe, yes and no, in fast pitch travel softball you are aloud to dive into 1st

What baseball teams were in cranston ri?

Cranston RI has several Little Leagues. For boys and girls ages 6-12 there are: Cranston Western Little League, Cranston National Budlong League, Cranston American Little League, Edgewood/So. Elmwood Little League, and CLCF (Cranston League for Cranston's Future). For kids 13+ there is Cranston Babe Ruth, Cranston Western Sr. League, and Edgewood/So. Elmwood Sr. League. For Girls only there is Slow-pitch Softball: CLCF Mini-Gals ages 5-7, CLCF Gals ages 8-15, and Edgewood Girls ages 6-18. There is also a fast pitch softball league in the Cranston National Budlong League.

IN fast pitch softball how many feet from third to first base?


How much is 70 mph pitch in little league is equivalent to MLB?

I don't know exactly but I've watched the Little League World Series enough and they always refer to Little Leaguers pitching speed in relation to MLB and I believe that 70 mph Little League would be around 100 mph MLB A 70 mph little league pitch is equivalent to about a 111 mph MLB pitch. (This is calculated based on an average little league pitch at 57.5 mph and an average MLB pitch at 91 mph.)

Draw and label a typical softball pitch?

Draw a softball pitch and label the following features.