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The most strikeouts in Baseball history in one inning is four. This has happened just 72 times in baseball history.

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In Major League Baseball, there has never been a pitcher who recorded 5 strikeouts in an inning as of August 13th 2012.

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Q: Has there ever been a pitcher with 5 strikeouts in an inning?
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Has there ever been in the MLB a pitcher who threw a 3 pitch inning?

Yes. Record held by many.

Has a pitcher ever thrown a three pitch inning?

thousands of times

Did anyone ever thrown a game with all strikeouts in MLB?

No. The most strikeouts in a nine inning game is 20 by Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, and Kerry Wood. That left 7 outs to be made by something other than a strikeout.

What is the most strikeouts ever recorded by a major league pitcher in a single inning?

Unlimited: If third strike gets past the catcher the runner can advance to the base and it could keep going.... :-)Correct :3. If the third strike gets past the catcher and the runner advances to base, it's not a strikeout. The "Correct " is actually wrong. A strikeout is recorded whenever a batter receives a third strike. There are instances of pitchers notching 4 strike outs in a half inning. So it is possible to have a trillion strike outs in a single inning.It has happening a few dozen times. the correct answer is wrong. You can get as many strikeouts as you want per inning because the ball can get past the catcher but the batter can make it to first. there would be no earned runs in the inning thoughThe correct answer is 4, by striking out the side and then striking out when the pitcher is at bat himselfYou can have unlimited strikeouts in an inning, by the catcher not stopping the 3rd strike, but 1st base must be unoccupied. the most ever accomplished in a game is 5 twice, but those were only exhibition games. 4 is the current record for a regular/playoff game.

Has any pitcher throw the minimum pitches in baseball history?

No pitcher in baseball history has ever thrown the minimum of 27 pitches in a 9 inning game.

Ever been a no hitter with more then one pitcher?


How many batters did nolan Ryan ever struck out?

Nolan Ryan had 5,714 career strikeouts.

Has there ever been a switch pitcher in Major League Baseball?

no yet but there is one in college 2008

Who is charged with the loss if the team loses in the 9 th inning?

Which ever pitcher is responsible for the runner who scores to lose the game. Say pitcher A gives up a double, and is then replaced by Pitcher B. If pitcher B gives up another double, and the runner on second scores, Pitcher A gets the loss, because he put the scoring runner on base.

How many strike outs did Ryan Nolan have his first game?

3. Nolan Ryan's first game in MLB was September 11, 1966 against the Atlanta Braves. He pitched 2 innings and had 3 strikeouts. His first ever MLB strikeout was of Braves' pitcher Pat Jarvis.

Who is the best pitcher ever?

Every body knows CY YOUNG was the best pitcher to ever hit the mound!!!

Has there ever been an unassisted double play by an MLB pitcher?

Yes, Brandon Morrow of the Seattle Mariners in June 09.