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Yes, Brad Hardie for Footscray in 1985.

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Q: Has anyone ever won a brownlow medal in their first year?
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Has dale thomas ever won a brownlow medal?

No, he hasn't.

Who won the first Brownlow Medal in the AFL?

Tony Liberatore of Footscray won the Brownlow Medal in 1990. This was the first year of the national competition - the AFL - Australian Football League. Edward Greeves of Geelong won the very first Brownlow ever awarded in the VFL - Victorian Football League: in those days, the competitions were run state by state, separately. The AFL is the national competition.

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Why didn't Gary Ablett ever win a Brownlow medal?

Gary Ablett played his best football from a half forward flank and later at Full Forward. Most Brownlow Medallists play on the ball (ruck, ruck rover, rover or centre). It is extremely unusual for a key forward to win a Brownlow (Tony Lockett is an exception).

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The first Indian woman to ever win an Olympic medal was Karnam Malleswari.

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