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abhinav bindra is the first Punjabi to win a medal in Olympics

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Q: Who is the first ever Punjabi to win medal in Olympics?
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When did Uganda ever win a medal from the Olympics?

I believe the London games was the first medal. Gold for the marathon.

Who won Ethiopia's first ever gold medal at the Olympics?

No one, Ethiopia has never won a gold at the olympics.

Who was the first Australian to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics?

Steven Bradbury won Australia's first-ever Winter Olympics Gold Medal, when he survived a last-lap crash to win the 1000m event in the short-track speed skating.He was also was a member of the 5000m relay team that won Australia's first-ever Winter Olympics medal, Bronze at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics.

How many medals did Guatemala won in the Olympics 2012?

Only 1 silver medal, which is the first medal Guatemala has ever won.

How many medals have mauritius won in Beijing?

Bruno Julie won Mauritius's first medal ever, bronze, in weightlifting during the 2008 Olympics. That was their only medal during the 2008 Olympics.

What nation won the mens football gold medal at 2000 Olympics?

Cameroon. It was the first gold medal Cameroon had ever won at an Olympic Games.

Who was the first Canadian to win a gold in the Olympics?

The first Canadian to win a gold medal is George Orton in the 1900 Olympics. He ran the 2500 meter steeplechase. His gold medal was also Canada's first ever medal in the Olympics of any color. Later on in the same Olympics, he won a bronze in the 400 meter hurdles. These were the only medals won by Canada in the 1900 Summer Olympics.

Did the Jamaican national bobsled team ever medal in the Olympics?


When was the first ever Olympics?

the first ever olympics was in 776bc

In the 1976 Winter Olympics Bill Koch became the first American to ever medal in what sport?

Cross-Country Skiing

Has chili ever won a medal in gymnastics in the Olympics?

No, not only has Chile not won a gymnastics medal ... they have never sent an athlete to the Olympics to compete in gymnastics.

How many medal's has usain bolt won in the Olympics ever?


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