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valerie adams . No! Wrong answer. Valerie Adams is a shot putter from New Zealand and was not the first person to win Gold Medal.

The first person , ever, to win the Gold Medal was Leonidas Pyrgos of Greece. He won the medal in Fencing at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens.

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Q: Who won the first ever modern gold medal?
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Who won the first ever gold medal?


Who was the first person ever to win the first ever gold medal?

Mohammed Hassan

What country won the first gold medal in the modern day Olympics?

Gold medals were not awarded in the first Olympics of the modern era. The first gold medal was given at the 1904 Olympics; the country to win the first one was the United States.

Who won Australia's first ever Olympic gold medal?

Edwin Flack was the first Australian to receive gold at the first games of the modern Olympics. He won the 800m mens and the 1500m mens.

Who was the first ever winner of an Olympic gold medal?

The first ever Olympic winner, according to tradition, was Coerobus in 776BC. In 1896, the first modern Olympic games, the winners received a silver medal. The gold medal wasn't used until the 1904 summer olympics. There were 91 events, so 91 gold medalists - a list of the winners can be found in the related links.

When did Uganda ever win a medal from the Olympics?

I believe the London games was the first medal. Gold for the marathon.

Who was the first British athlete to win a gold medal ever?

Mary Rand

Who got the first ever gold medal in the commonwealth games?

Sebastien Veron

11 What country won their first Olympic gold medal ever?


What nation won the mens football gold medal at 2000 Olympics?

Cameroon. It was the first gold medal Cameroon had ever won at an Olympic Games.

Which country won the first ever men's curling gold medal?

Great Britain.

Who was the first person ever to win a gold medal at the olympic games?

James Connelly

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