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Gary Ablett played his best football from a half forward flank and later at Full Forward. Most Brownlow Medallists play on the ball (ruck, ruck rover, rover or centre). It is extremely unusual for a key forward to win a Brownlow (Tony Lockett is an exception).

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Q: Why didn't Gary Ablett ever win a Brownlow medal?
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Who won the brownlow medal in 2009?

Gary Abblet Junior won the Brownlow Medal and second was Chris Judd.Gary Ablett

Who will win the brownlow medal this year?

gary ablett will win he has had a great year if not him dane swan

Who is the best Australian Rules Football Player?

Last year it was Gary Ablett - officially, as decided by Brownlow Medal. Next week is the last home and away season's game for this 2010 season: can't see Ablett winning it again this year though. Chris Judd won the Brownlow Medal in 2010. Gary was the runner-up. 2011: Dane Swan 2012: Jobe Watson 2013: Gary Ablett

Who came 2nd in the 2010 Brownlow medal?

Gary Ablett Jnr., the 2009 Brownlow Medallist, finished second with 26 votes.Chris Judd (Carlton) won his second Brownlow with 30 votes, becaming the fourth man after Ian Stewart, Peter Moore and Greg Williams to win the medal with two different VFL/AFL teams.

Where was Gary ablett born?

Gary Ablett was born in Drouin.

When was Gary Ablett born?

Gary Ablett was born on October 1, 1961.

What is Gary Ablett's birthday?

Gary Ablett was born on October 1, 1961.

What is the award for the best and fairest player in AFL?

Brownlow Medal! The 2010 winner was Chris Judd, of Carlton 2009 winner: Gary Ablett Jnr., Geelong 2008 winner was Adam Cooney 2007 Jimmy Bartel 2006 Adam Goodes 2005 Chris Judd

What date and year was Gary ablett born?

Gary Ablett Sr. was born 1st October 1961 Gary Ablett Jr. was born 14th May 1984

Is Gary ablett been in drugs?

gary ablett is slang for taking a tablet its drug related......

When was Gary Ablett Jr. born?

Gary Ablett Jr. was born on May 14, 1984.

What is Gary Ablett Jr.'s birthday?

Gary Ablett Jr. was born on May 14, 1984.