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Q: Does a sacrifice bunt count as an at bat if they make an error at first base but you moved the runner to second base?
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Does fielding errors count against pitchers earned run average?

No...a fielding error that allows the runner to get on base and that runner scores is not an earned run and does not count against earned run average.

Baseball scoring - runners on 1st and 3rd the right fielder drops a fly ball allowing the runner on third to score but throw the ball to second base to force out that runner for an out Error?

In this case it's a judgment call for the scorer. If the ball was deep enough that the runner on third could score anyway on a tag-up, then there should be no error and the batter would be given credit for a sacrifice fly. However, if it is a short pop fly and the scorer doesn't think the runner could've tagged up and scored, then it would be an error. Of course, if there are two outs when this happens the run doesn't count and this is a moot point.

Does a sacrifice bunt count as an at bat if they make an error first base?


Can a batter reach base on a sacrifice bunt?

No. By definition it is not a sacrifice unless the batter is out. The correct answer is yes. The runner can reach base during a sacrifice on a throwing error or a fielders choice.

Does the runner need to be out in order to be a fielder's choice?

No, if there is a runner on first and the second baseman fields the ball and throws it to the shortstop, who muffs the play and allows both the runner and batter to advance/reach safely, the play would be ruled a fielder's choice and an error. It would still count as an at-bat and a non-hit for the batter, just as if the second-baseman had muffed the throw to the first-baseman with nobody on base.

Does an error on a sacrifice fly count as an at bat?

no, if in the judgment of the official scorer a ball would have been a sacrifce fly without the error, the batter is not charged an at bat and gets credit for a sacrifice fly and an RBI

Does an infield error in baseball count as an at bat?

It counts as an at bat in all cases except the sacrifice. If a batter attempts a sacrifice bunt and one of the infielders makes an error when fielding or throwing the ball, the batter is credited with a sacrifice and no time at bat.

Is it an earned run if a runner scores when they advanced as a result of a fielding error?

No, a runner will not earn a run if scored off an error.

If a batter reaches base on an error is it an official at bat?

Yes. The only time it is not an official "At Bat", is if a batter reaches base on a base on balls, hit by pitch or catcher interference. A batter is also not charged with an "At Bat" if he hits a sacrifice fly (a fly ball out that results in a runner tagging up and scoring), or a sacrifice bunt that advances a runner or runners. He is also not charged with an "At Bat" if the batter reaches base as a result of an error on a sacrifice fly or sacrifice bunt.

It is an error if the runner beats out the throw to first?

No it is no

When a runner steals home does it count against ERA?

Probably. only earned runs count against an ERA so it depends if it was the pitchers fault that the runner got on. If he got on because of a walk, hit, or HBP then yes it counts. If he got on cause of an error then no. Yes it would. Unless of course, the previous criteria are met. Also, it wouldn't be charged to the current pitcher if the pitcher that allowed him to get on base was taken from the game. The pitcher that left would be responsible for the runner if he got on without an error.

If you get a base hit in baseball and there is a person on second and one on third and they scrore how many RBI do you have?

Since RBI stands for Runs Batted In, if both the runner on third and the runner on second cross home plate, then it would be two runs batted in.Answer: two.Answer:You would get 2 RBIs assuming that the runs scored without an error being committed on the play. If there is an error on the play you would get an RBI for that allowed for extra bases (i.e thrown ball, ball gets past outfielder) then the 2nd run may or may not count as an RBI depending on whether the Official Scorer determines the run scored due to the error or the run would have scored regardless of the error

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