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Yes. The only time it is not an official "At Bat", is if a batter reaches base on a base on balls, hit by pitch or catcher interference. A batter is also not charged with an "At Bat" if he hits a sacrifice fly (a fly ball out that results in a runner tagging up and scoring), or a sacrifice bunt that advances a runner or runners. He is also not charged with an "At Bat" if the batter reaches base as a result of an error on a sacrifice fly or sacrifice bunt.

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Q: If a batter reaches base on an error is it an official at bat?
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If a batter reaches 1st base as the result of an error but gets thrown out trying to reach 2nd on the same play is the error negated?

The error stands as the batter reached a base safely.

Can an error be charged if nobody reaches or is on base?

Yes. If a fielder drops a foul ball, that is counted as an error, even though the batter does not advance to first. MLB Rule 10.12 (a) (2) is pretty clear: The official scorer shall charge an error against any fielder: .. (2) when such fielder muffs a foul fly to prolong the time at bat of a batter, whether the batter subsequently reaches first base or is put out;

Does a fielder's error go down as a hit officially?

No. If a player reaches base due to a fielder's error, the batter does not receive credit for a hit, but does get credit for an at-bat. Therefore, the batter's average will descend, but the batter's on-base percentage will increase.

If a batter lays down a bunt with a runner on 1st pitcher fields the ball and overthrows 1st base and the batter gets to 2d on the overthrow is this a 2 base error or a sac and a 1 base error?

That decisionis left up to the person who is the 'official scorer' for the game. If the batter turns and shows bunt before the pitcher throws he usually is credited with a sacrifice whether an error is committed or not. But if the official scorer thinks that the batter was trying for a base hit and not for a sacrifice he may score it solely as an error.

If a pitcher records two out then the following batter reachs on an error then the batting team scores a run is that considered a earned run?

A batter that reaches base due to an error and later scores is not counted as an earned run.

With two outs batter reaches base on an error next batter clean hit next batter hits home run how many runs are earned and why?

None of the runs are earned. The batter who would have been the third out of the inning reached on an error, so any runs that score in that inning after the error was made are unearned.

In MLB rules if a player get on base by an error is it called a hit?

No, when a player reaches base on an error the batter is not credited with a hit. He is credited with an at bat, so as far his statistics are concerned, it is as though he made an out.

What is counted as a hit in baseball?

If the batter puts the ball in play, and reaches base without an error being made by the defense, nor is it ruled a fielder's choice, the batter gets credit for a hit.

If a running reaches base on an error and then steals a base does he get credit for the stolen base?


Does an error count as an at bat?

Yes an error counts as an at bat, but not a hit. You would be 0 for 1 on the play, but your on base percentage goes up because you have reached base safely. Errors can be committed on sacrifice bunts and sacrifice flies. If the official scorer rules a play a sacrifice bunt/fly and an error, the batter is not charged with a time at bat. On base percentage goes down when reaching base on an straight error.

What is a base hit?

A base hit is a hit in the sport of baseball in which the batter safely reaches base.

If a batter reaches base via a bunt is it counted as a hit?

It is.