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yes it's an at bat

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Q: Does a fielders choice count against your batting average?
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How does a fielders choice effect batting average?

It does not count as an at bat

Do errors and fielders choice factor into batting average?

Yes, if a hitter hits into a fielder's choice he gets credited for an at-bat and is NOT credited with a hit. Whether its an error or a fielder's choice the players batting average WILL decrease

How does a fielders choice when no one is forced out affect the batting average?

A fielder's choice when no one is forced out counts as an at-bat without a hit just like it would if an out were recorded. If a player grounds into a fielder's choice in his first at-bat of the season, he would be 0-1 and have a batting average of .000.

If a batter reaches base via a fielders choice is it counted as a hit?

No it counts against a players average but if a run scores it counts as an rbi.

Does a fielders choice go towards a players on base percentage?

No. Any time a batter makes it on base, it counts towards his total bases, which is a part of the formula which calculates OBP. It does, however, affect his batting average.

Does a fielders choice count as an at-bat?

If scored as a Fielders Choice it will go down as 0-1 (an AB with no hit) -- tigersy2k3

Does a fielder's choice count as an out?

I AM A COLLEGE BASEBALL PLAYER ALL INFORMATION HERE IS 100% TRUE. A fielders choice does not count as a hit for the batter even though the batter reaches base safely. It counts as an out for the hitters batting average but RBI's, runs scored, stolen bases and any other effects of the batter reaching base safely count. In essence a fielders choice counts as an out because the fielder could have chose to get the batter out or another runner which means there was an out on the play. Also, you cannot assume a double play even if the ball hit was the easiest 4-6-3 which the fielders made an error on.

Does a batter who hits into a fielders choice and has an rbi get credited with an at bat or is it scored like a sacrifice?

Yes, the batter is credited with an at-bat and scored as a fielders choice.

Do you get an rbi on fielders choice?


Is it a hit or fielders choice on a line drive to center field that falls short of the center fielder but the forced runner on second base falls down running to third and is thrown out as a result?

In major leagues this is considered a hit and will be counted toward your batting average.

Can you score a run on 3rd out fielders choice?


Does fielders choice count as an at bat?


Does a fielders choice that scores a run affect your average?

It counts as making an out (an 0 for 1) however you get an RBI. If it is a double play, however, no RBI is awarded.

Does a fielders choic affect your average?

Yes it lowers it. A fielder's choice affects you the same way an out would. It would be recorded as 0 for 1, FC.

How does a feilders choice effect your batting average?

A fielder's choice is just like an out and lower's a player's batting average since the fielder chose to put out another player instead, usually the lead runner... On the other hand, a sacrifice does not count against the batter because his intention was to advance the runner at his own expense.

Can a fielders choice count as time at bat?


With runners in 2nd 3rd a ball is batted to the pitcher the pitcher looks the runner at 3rd back but makes no play or throw to any base Is this a base hit or fielders choice?

It is a fielders choice

Is it a fielders choice with one out and runner on third and batter grounds out to first with runner on third scoring?

Anytime the batter is put out at 1st base on a batted ball it is not considered a fielders choice, it is simply a put out. Now in your scenario if the catcher would have thrown home and the runner coming from 3rd is out and the batter is safe at 1st, then in that case it would be a fielders choice

Can you receive a base hit on a fielders choice?

maybe... maybe not!

Can a batter get a base hit and have a fielders choice on the same play?


How do you compute a baseball players batting average?

Number of hits divided by the official at bats. An error or fielder's choice counts against a batting average as an at bat, but it does not count as a hit. A sacrifice or walk does not count against a batter's at bat totals. These are plate appearances which are different. So, a batter could have 140 plate appearances, 100 at bats, and 30 hits. You would divide 30 by 100, which would give you a batting average of .300.

Is a bunt ever scored as a fielders choice and counted as a at bat?


How can fielders choice cause a balk?

It can't ... a balk can only be committed by a pitcher.

Does beating out a double play count as a hit?

No it goes down as a fielders choice.

Can an error be charged on a successful fielders choice?

No. No error can ever be given when there is an out made on the play.