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No, he doesn't. Pele retired in 1977.

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Q: Does Pele still play soccer
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Related questions

Where did Pele the soccer player die?

Pele is still alive.

What does Pele play?


Who mostly play soccer?

Pele from Brazil

How much does Pele make playing soccer?

Nothing. Pele doesn't play anymore.

Is Pele alive now?

As of July 2016, Pele, the famous Brazilian soccer player, is still alive.

Why is Pele called Pele?

Because when he used to play street soccer , he really good, so his friends called him ''Pele.''

What soccer position did Pele play?

Pele played as a forward throughout his career.

When did Pele die?

Did soccer legend pele die

Why did Pele choose to play soccer?

Cause He felt like it

Do Pele's kids play soccer?

yes he is called messi

What team did soccer player Pele play for?

brasil and Liverpool

Did Pele kill his brother in soccer?

No Pele did not kill his brother in soccer.

What team does Pele play for?

Pele plays for Brazil. He is the best soccer player in history. Everyone should know that!

When did Pele play soccer for Brazil?

Pele played for Brazil at the age of 17 in the 1958 world cup in Sweeden.

Did Pele's Family Influence Him?

Yes his dad dondiho taught him how to play soccer. Yes his dad dondiho taught him how to play soccer.

Does Pele player soccer?

He used to be a great soccer player in the 70's but doesnt play anymore.

Did Pele invent soccer?

No Pele didn't invented soccer. China invented soccer in 1258. Though Pele invented some rules in soccer. Like, man of the match, possession and things like that. Thing Pele didn't invented soccer. It was CHina

What years did Pele play soccer?

Pele played in the 1958 world cup, at the age of 17 years and his last match was in 1973.

Did Pele play soccer in the 2012 Olympics?

of course he didn't, he's to old

Why was Pele called the king of soccer?

Because he was and still is considered to be the BEST soccer player in the world. He also was very accomplished outside of the soccer industry.

Who is better at soccer David Beckham or Pele?

Pele Is the best guy soccer player

Is Pele still alive in 2010?

Yes he is still alive. Why do you think is all over four two two soccer magazine.

For which team the soccer player Pele played for?

The team that the soccer player Pele played for primarily at international level was his country Brazil. For most of his career, he played for the league team Santos in Brazilian football. He played for the New York Cosmos when Pele came to play in America.

Who is better in soccer Pele or maradona?

Pele by miles.

Why is Pele considered the best soccer player in the world?

Pele is considered the best soccer player in the world because of what he did for the old stye of playing soccer. His style was extremely effective, dribbling only to get around players, shooting only to score. His simplicity in front of goal mixed with his pure genius in dribbling every once in a while. His style of soccer arguable singlehandedly brought soccer to the U.S. as well as causing a 48-hour cease fire in the Nigerian Civil war. (Both parties agreed to a ceasefire in order to watch him play.) While it is generally accepted the soccer is a different game today with young players changing the way we play and consequently think about soccer, Pele revolutionized the soccer of his time. Playing in his first world cup at the age of 17 and winning was something unheard of. As for his stats the still stand: He is the only person to have won three world cups. He is still one of the top 5 leading goal scorers internationally and in club soccer. He was the best of his time and despite all of the great soccer players we have had after Pele, he still continues to hold some crucial records.