Is neymar related to Pele

Updated: 10/23/2022
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yes and think about it neymar and pele play the same

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Q: Is neymar related to Pele
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Who is better Pele or neymar?

pele because he is a legend

Who is better messi or maradona or Pele or christiano ronaldo or neymar?

Of course it is Pele, because he is a legend already. He scored lots of goals and won the World Cup when he was young.

Who is better bale or ronaldo?

Of course bale is better than ronaldo.bale is better than pele so he's better than ronaldo.and he's better than messi,neymar,pele and ronaldo

Was Pele related to Zeus?


Who are the famous Brazil soccer players?

Some famous Brazilian soccer players are: Pele Jarzinho Romario Zico Vava Rivaldo Ronaldo Ronaldinho Kaka Robinho Neymar

Is ramires and Pele related?

they are not related because they families are not related ,so yeah go away

Who are the Famous football players in Brazil football team?

Pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Robinho, Kaka, Dida, Cafu, Rivaldo, and the future star player will be Neymar cause he's good

Is neymar and neymar jr the same person?

no neymar is the father i think and neymar jr is the son i think

How is the fastest between Neymar and Ronaldo?


Who is better neymar or Fernando Torres?

its neymar

What is neymar jr first name?


What schools did neymar attend?

education of neymar