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Abedi Pele was a forward.

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Q: Which position did Abedi Pele play?
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What has the author Abedi Pele written?

Abedi Pele has written: 'Ballon d'or'

Goal of abedi Pele of Brazil in world cup?

Abedi Pele is from Ghana not Brazil.

Who is abedi Pele?

Abedi Pele is a former soccer player with the team Ghana International. He was also the captain of the team.

Is abedi Pele of Ghana a Muslim?


How many goals did Abedi Pele score for Olympique de Marseille?

Abedi Pele scored 30 goals for Olympique de Marseille.

Who is the football player to score the most goals?

Abedi Pele

What position does Pele play?

Pele plays as a forward

Who is the best Ghanaian soccer player that ever lived?

Abedi Pele

Is Abedi Pele a Christian?

No he is not a Christian ,as he comes from Africa he could be a muslim.

Who is ghana's all time leading scorer?

abedi ayew Pele with 33

What is Abรฉdi Pelรฉ's birthday?

Abedi Pele was born on November 5, 1964.

What soccer position did Pele play?

Pele played as a forward throughout his career.

Who the best ghanian soccer player?

the best ghanina footballer evr was abedi Pele

What league did Pele play for?

What league did Pele play for

What position did Pele play?

Pele was a attacking midfielder/forward. So I'd say these positions: - ST - RF - LF - CAM - RAM - LAM

Who is the first African player to win a uefa champions league medal?

can't be sure but possibly Abedi Pele of marseille v milan 1993.

When did Amir Abedi die?

Amir Abedi died in 1964.

When was Amir Abedi born?

Amir Abedi was born in 1924.

What teams did Pele play for?

Pele played for the school in Brazil

What team did Pele play pro for?

Pele played for Santos.

What teams did Pele play with?

Pele played for Brazil and Santos.

When did Agha Hasan Abedi die?

Agha Hasan Abedi died in 1995.

When was Agha Hasan Abedi born?

Agha Hasan Abedi was born in 1922.

When was Abedi - footballer - born?

Abedi - footballer - was born on 1979-04-14.

When was Mehrdad Abedi born?

Mehrdad Abedi was born on 1948-10-11.