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Pele played for both club Santos and country was Brazil.

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Q: For which country Pele the fomous footballer play?
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What country Pele play for?


Which country did Pele play for?


What country did Pele play for?


What is the different of between Madonna and Pele?

Madonna's a great singer that can't play football and Pele's a great footballer that can't sing.

For what country did Pele play for?

Brazil and the U.S.

What country did Pele play football for?


Can any footballer play for any country?

no they cant the country there from they have to play for that if they want

For which country Pele the famous footballer play?

Pele played for Brazil. In his first game he became the youngest player to ever score for Brazil (and any other international team at the time) and when he retired he had earned 92 apps and scored a total of 77 goals.

What country does footballer Jose bosingwa play with?


What league did Pele play for?

What league did Pele play for

Who played in 3 World Cup finals?

The Brazalian Pele is the only footballer to play in three world cup finals . And is also theonly footballer to win three world cup final medals.

Who European country has never had a footballer play in the premier league?


What country does Daniel Agger play for?

He is a Danish footballer who plays for Liverpool

What position does Pele play?

Pele plays as a forward

What teams did Pele play for?

Pele played for the school in Brazil

What team did Pele play pro for?

Pele played for Santos.

Which position did Abedi Pele play?

Abedi Pele was a forward.

What teams did Pele play with?

Pele played for Brazil and Santos.

How did Pele become a footballer?

He grew up in Brazil and practised, and practised. He used to play keepy uppie with a rolled up piece of paper or a satsuma (gone off mind you) He was destined to be a footballer and it just seemed to go his way.

Who did Pele play for?


What does Pele play?


Does Pele still play soccer?

No, he doesn't. Pele retired in 1977.

Is maradona the best football player in the world?

No! Maradona is not the best footballer in the world it was Pele he was great he could play in all positions he was a much better play then Maradona but Maradona is still a great player.

How long did Pele play for Brazil?

Pele played for Brazil from 1956 to 1978.

What soccer position did Pele play?

Pele played as a forward throughout his career.