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There is an inner pocket on each side of the pants, you slide the hip pads in to these pockets, with the widest part of the pads facing upwards, and the curve of the pad facing inward. A little bit of the pad should be sticking out above the top of the pants, for added protection.

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Q: Do you have a picture of how to put the hip pads on with your football pants?
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What is the football gridle for and do pads go in there or in the pants?

The football girdle is for the hip pads & tail bone pad. It has pockets inside them for these pads. It looks like compression shorts.

What gear do you need to play American football?

to play American football you need a helmet shoulder pads jock strap football pants with knee pads thigh pads hip pads and a tail pad

Can I wear hip and tail pads if I don't wear a girdle?

Some football pants have pads that are attached to your belt. But a girdle helps keep your pads in place, especially when you get hit hard. Think about it!

What pads do you need to play football?

Shoulder pads, rib pads, helmet, pads inside helmet,thigh and knee pads inserted in the pants, jock strap, mouth piece. Optional- padded gloves andarm pads, elbow pads Rib pads are also optional. hip and butt pads are also inserted in the pants

What is the best football girdle on the market?

yeahh it is necessary, not wearing a girdle leaves your hips open to helmets and anything else, the hip or side is a very frequent spot where the football player will take a hit by a helmet, plus landing on your side after getting hit or jumping for a ball is alot less painful if you have your girdle w/hip pads on. It also helps to keep your thigh pads in place if your girdle has pad pockets in them which i have found is a lot easier.

What kinds of pads do football players wear?

They wear many.... you have your basic shoulder pads, knee pads, hip pads,thigh pads tail bone pads and your cup.

What gear do you need to play football?

For Football and Australian football, you need boots, socks, shorts, shirt, shin pads, gloves for the goalkeeper,soap,shampoo and towel for a shower afterwards. For American Football you need a helmet, shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads, hip pads.

Safety equipment needed for motocross?

Helmet, Goggles, Jersey, Pants, Elbow Pads (optional), Hip and Knee/Shin Pads, Chest Protector, Boots, Gloves

How do you put on football gear?

Football pants usually have pockets for knee and thigh pads. Under the football pants, you wear a girdle that has additional pockets to place your hip and tail bone pads. The shape of the pocket will tell you which pad goes where.

How much padding do football players have to have?

High school and college players are required to wear; helmet, mouth piece, shoulder pads, hip pads, a butt pad, thigh pads, knee pads, and clears. A lot of the time you'll see nfl players not using their knee pads and or thigh pads bc they aren't required

Where do your football pads go?

Helmet on the head. Shoulder pads on your shoulders. These two are easily identified. Hip pads on the hips, you can tell the hip pads by their shape...if you hold them upside down, the flat part down, they usually have a circular portion on top. They will have snaps too, and these snaps attach to the belt. Butt pad goes over the tailbone. It has snaps and attaches to the belt also. Thigh pads go on the FRONT of the thigh. They look like a half pipe with three ribs pointing outward. You put them in pockets inside the pants. Knee pads go on the knees and are shaped like a "bra cup". They are put inside pockets in the pants as well. Mouth pieces are dipped in boiling water for 4-5 seconds until softened then bit down on. Try to create a suction witin the mouth and it will form to the teeth and bite best. Afterwards, dip into cold water to hold form. The long tab on the mouth piece is attached to the helmet's face mask. Don't cut it off unless the league your in allows it...most don't.

What is the weight of full high school football equipment Shoulder thigh knee hip butt pads helmet and cup?

its about 20 pounds