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Yes. Cricket is the most popular sport in India.

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Q: Do people in India play cricket?
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Do Indians play cricket or watch cricket?

Yes, Indian play and watch cricket. Cricket is more than a sport in India. People consider it as a religion.

What sports do India play?

India play Cricket and are very fond of Hockey

Influential sports people from India?

People in India play all kinds of games,like field hokey,cricket,and like a wrestling.

What sports do people enjoy in India?

Mainly cricket , but Indians do play field hockey

What kind of games do childrens play in India?

Children in India play cricket and field hockey. Field hockey is more of an popular sport than cricket in India.

What sports do they play in India?


Is cricket a main sport in India?

Cricket is the biggest sporting code in India, about 1billion people in India live and breath cricket. It is the biggest cricket following country in the world

What are some games and sports people like to play in India?

Cricket must be in the top 3.

What sport do people in India play?

cricket and polo They also actually play soccer which they call it football.

What games do they play in India?

my friend came from India and he plays Cricket.

When India begin to play cricket?


Where do cricket players play the most?

Cricket players play the most in Australia and England.And now in India also .

Is fantasy cricket legal in India?

Ofcourse yes, fantasy gaming is legal in India, There are fantasy gaming websites that are sponcering the India's biggest cricket premier league. A large number of players play fantasy cricket regularly on different platforms. I also play fantasy cricket daily on Games91, It is the best gaming company in India. Not only fantasy cricket, you can play a variety of fantasy and skilled games in Games91.

Where did India play its first test cricket match?

India played its first test cricket match in Kolkata, Eden Gardens.

Where did India play the first International Cricket Match?

India played the first International Cricket Match at Lords in London in 1932.

What is a cricket field?

Where people play cricket

How many people play cricket in the world?

20,000,000 people play cricket worldwide today.

When did India play its first cricket match?


Do they do sport in chembakolli India?

yes they play cricket

What is the same about India and Australia?

we both play cricket

Indian's are more passion about Movies or Cricket?

Cricket. Cricket is religion in India. If you have India playing in a cricket match, people forget everything and start seeing the match...

What sport do Indians play?

Indians can play whatever sport they want to. A better question would what sport is India good at, and the answer to that question is cricket, cricket and cricket.

What sports do people play in India?

Cricket is massive in India, but there are also a lot of good hockey players. There are a few good Indian golfers also.

What percentage of the population of India plays cricket?

At least 55 percent of Indians play cricket.

What are the top 3 sports in India?

Cricket, football and hockey are play lot in india.

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