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People in India play all kinds of games,like field hokey,cricket,and like a Wrestling.

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Q: Influential sports people from India
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Influential people of Panama?

Panama is home to many influential people from actresses to sports players. Mariano Rivera, Carlos Ruiz, Flex, and John McCain are all from Panama.

Why India lagging in Sports?

India is lagging in Sports because of Cricket obsession. Not many people follow any other Sports, hence, no passion, no money in any other Sports in India.

In India what is the most influential class of people?

identify the most infleuntial class of people in each of the following civilizations: india, china, and japan.

Who is the sports president of India?

There is no sports president in India. The sports minister of India is Mr. MS Gill

What can we do to promote sports in India?

we can do nothing to promote sports in India

What was the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi in the world history?

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential people in the history of the world. He was a peacemaker in India.

Influential 1950's sports persons?

your simple bob

Which countries is jainism most influential today?


Why is blue India's national sports colour?

India's national sports color is Blue. It is due to SAHARA INDIA.

Hockey is the primary game in India?

Hockey is considered a primary game in India as it is quite popular across the country. There are also other sports that people of India engage in.

Why austrilla is better then India in sports?

Australia focuses on sports more than India

Which city is known as the sports city of India?

Jalandhar is known as the Sports City of India.

What sports do people enjoy in India?

Mainly cricket , but Indians do play field hockey

Who were influential people in the 70s?

Some influential people of the 70s were Gerald Ford and John Ehrlichman

What are some games and sports people like to play in India?

Cricket must be in the top 3.

What sports do people play in India?

Cricket is massive in India, but there are also a lot of good hockey players. There are a few good Indian golfers also.

When is national sports day in India?

The National Sports Day in India is celebrated every 29th of August.

Where is Buddhism most influential?

India, Burma, Thailand, China, Nepal

In what country was Suman Ranganathan born?

Suman Ranganathan was born in the country of India. He is often regarded as one of the most influential people of his generation and is well respected.

What is the biggest rivalry in sports?

India vs Pakistan is the biggest rivalry in in cricket and overall in sports over 300 million people watch these matches live

What does influential means?

The word influential means having influence, capable of influencing people. If you are influential, then people are likely to take your advice, or to believe what you say, or to follow your instructions.

What sports did India invent?

India invented hockey

How cricket affects the development of other sports in India?

Its like a drug as it makes the people addicted towards it

Who is the new sports minister of India?

new sports minister of India is Ajay Maken...he replaced manohar singh gill

In India a caste refers to?

the different social classes found in India, used as a culturally acceptable though not officially recognized form of discrimination. People in India are born into castes, ranging from the highly respected, wealthy, and influential Brahman caste all the way down to the "Untouchables" caste.