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Cricket must be in the top 3.

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Q: What are some games and sports people like to play in India?
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Influential sports people from India?

People in India play all kinds of games,like field hokey,cricket,and like a wrestling.

What is the theory of sports and games?

For fun someone that people like to do in spare time get with friends.People that are competitive like to do sports and games.

Why did the renaissance people joust?

for games and sports like we have football they have jousting

What is the different between sports and games?

Games can be things like team or invasion games. Sports is, well sports!

How cricket affects the development of other sports in India?

Its like a drug as it makes the people addicted towards it

What sports do the people play in Asia?

they play alot of computer games, like starcraft

Why do people play fifa?

Because people enjoy soccer and sports in general and like video games and competition.

Which major sports event is being held in India in the near future?

To date, India has organized events like Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Cricket World Cup. As of future, India will host Under-17 FIFA world cup soon.

What percentage of people like sports?

I like sports.

Why do you like about your favourite games?

cuz it sports

What are the reviews for Yahoo NBA like?

The reviews for Yahoo NBA are very good. Yahoo Sports has always been known for providing a good sports section for their readers and people who like to join in on sports fantasy games.

Did you like the game?

People likes watching sports games because they can cheer on their favorite teams. People may also enjoy video games because they are fun and entertaining.

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