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my friend came from India and he plays Cricket.

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Q: What games do they play in India?
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What kind of games do childrens play in India?

Children in India play cricket and field hockey. Field hockey is more of an popular sport than cricket in India.

What games did they play in ancient India?


Is India every day games good for you to play on?

Yes. it is good.

Do Indians from India play some of the same games as Americans do?

Yes they do they play soccer as Americans do too.

Influential sports people from India?

People in India play all kinds of games,like field hokey,cricket,and like a wrestling.

What are some games and sports people like to play in India?

Cricket must be in the top 3.

If you buy a ps3 in the USA will it work in India what about the games?

The console should function normally, as well as any games you brought with it. However, there may be compatibility issues if you buy a game in India and try to play it on your PS3.

How can you win prizes by playing games in India for kids below 14 yrs?

Play zapak game

When did India join the Commonwealth Games?

India joined the Commonwealth Games in 1934.

What board games do they play in India?

chess board snake and ladders borgan

What sports do India play?

India play Cricket and are very fond of Hockey

How many commonwealth games has India been to?

India has been to fourteen Commonwealth Games.

Is it okay to play with your food in India?

if you go to India it is okay to play with your food, but if you are on vacation there, it is not

How many players of India are participating from India in Commonwealth Games?

how many player participate for India in xix common wealth games

Has India had the commonwealth games before?

No, India is organising cwg 4 the first time but India has organized asiad games of 1982.

When the first time India participated in commonwealth games?

India first participated in the Commonwealth Games at the 1934 London Games.

Does the gba sp play gba games?

yes they can play gb games they can play gba games they can play gba sp games

Is fantasy cricket legal in India?

Ofcourse yes, fantasy gaming is legal in India, There are fantasy gaming websites that are sponcering the India's biggest cricket premier league. A large number of players play fantasy cricket regularly on different platforms. I also play fantasy cricket daily on Games91, It is the best gaming company in India. Not only fantasy cricket, you can play a variety of fantasy and skilled games in Games91.

When did India host the commonwealth games?

India hosted the Commonwealth Games only once in 2010.

How many times India hosting Olympic games?

India never hosted olympic games.

When were the Commonwealth Games held in India?

India hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010 when Delhi hosted.

How many times has India gone to the commonwealth games?

India has been to fourteen Commonwealth Games.

What did the Tillamook tribe play for games?

what did they play?

Why do we play games?

we play games just to have fun

What games do children play in India?

cricket, i do not know any others!!! cool reserch yourself!!!