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They Can Serve behind the baseline BEHIND and in line with the alley if that's what you mean.

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Q: Can you serve a tennis ball from outside the doubles alley?
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What does a tennis umpire exclaim when a serve lands outside the boundaries?


Tennis are you allow to serve from inside double white lines in playing doubles in tennis?

the area that you serve into is the same as in singles. The server may stand anywhere in between the center mark and the doubles sideline

When is the ball out in tennis?

On the serve, it must be in the service box. Other shots will depend what type of tennis you are playing. In doubles the boundaries are the most outward side lines and the baseline. In singles it is the innermost sidelines and the baseline

In table tennis do you have to serve diagonally?

Only in doubles. Because in doubles you have to serve in the square that is on the other side of the table and on the square on the oposite side of the side you are serving on. In singles you can serve any where or any way you want.

What are 10 words that have to do with tennis?

Serve, ace, smash, forehand, backhand, volleys, slice, top-spin, doubles, singles.

Can either receiver return serve in doubles tennis?

No, only the person standing diagonal from the server at the baseline may return

Which Grand Slam tennis tournament did Samantha Stosur win?

Samantha Stosur won one Grand Slam singles, two in Women's doubles, and two in mixed doubles. She is Australian Pro tennis play who is famous for her powerful serve.

What joints are used in a tennis serve?

The main joints used in a tennis serve are the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. The shoulder generates the power and range of motion needed, the elbow helps in extending the arm for acceleration, and the wrist provides flexibility and control over the racquet. Coordination among these joints is crucial for a powerful and accurate serve.

What is “a fault” in tennis?

A missed serve is called a fault. When she/ he serve is a fault if the server swings and misses the ball

Is the underarm serve rejected in tennis?

You can hit an underhand serve in tennis; however, the overhand serve is more effective because it is more powerful. That is why you don't see the underhand serve used much.

How do you return a tennis serve?


What happens at the start of tennis?

a serve