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Samantha Stosur won one Grand Slam singles, two in Women's doubles, and two in mixed doubles. She is Australian Pro tennis play who is famous for her powerful serve.

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Q: Which Grand Slam tennis tournament did Samantha Stosur win?
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How many grand slams have Samantha Stosur won?


Which tennis tournament is not included Grand Salam?

U.s. Open

What is the defrence between grand slam and ATP?

The Grand Slam is a tennis tournament, while the ATP is an orginization. (Association of Tennis Professionals.)

How many Grand Slam Tennis tournament are there in 1 year?


How many unseeded players have won the Grand Slam Tennis tournament and who are they?


What Grand Slam tennis tournament is held every January?

Australian open

What American Grand Slam tennis tournament begins today?

us open

What is the biggest Tennis tournament outside of the Grand Slam events?

The USTA Southern Section League tennis Sectional tournament held at the Mobile Tennis Center featuering 60 tennis courts and over one thousand participants

What fruit eaten as a tradition during the Wimbledon grand slam tennis tournament?


What is the only grand slam tennis tournament played south of the equator?

The Australian Open

What is the last Grand Slam tennis tournament played in a calendar year?

US Open

What tournament highest prize money in grand slam tennis 2008?

Australian open

Longest rally in Grand Slam tennis tournament?

11 hours and 5 minutes.

How much do quarterfinalist win in the US Open tennis tournament?

Quarterfinalists in the Us Open Grand Slam tournament win about $237,500.

How many sets in a match in tennis?

3 for womans and 5 for men in a grand slam tournament

What sport is Andre Agassi known for?

Tennis! He won 8 grand slam single tournament!

Which professional Grand Slam Tennis Championship is played on Grass Court?

Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament is played on Grass Court.

What is the difference between a Grand Slam tennis match and the ATP?

A Grand Slam is a tournament of the ranked players and it spans across different continents. There are 4 Grand Slams in a year. The ATP is the Association of Tennis Professionals.

When is the next tennis grand slam tournament?

Technically the ATP season ends some time after the U.S. Open so it is the last Grand Slam Tournament played, but in the next season the Australian Open is the next Grand Slam tournament played after the US Open.

What is grand slam use for?

The tennis Grand Slam is a annual tournament. There three tournaments within the Grand Slam. The US Open, the Wimbledon, and the Australian Open.

The US Open tennis tournament is played in what state?

This Grand Slam is played in New York state.

What grand slam tennis tournament follows the Australian Open?

French Open (aka Rolland Garros)

What tennis grand slam that uses tiebreakers?

The US Open is the ony Grand Slam tournament that does not use tie breakers in the final set.

What grand slam tennis tournament is played red clay courts?

The French Open is the only grand slam played on a clay court. The tournament is held every spring at Roland Garros in France.

What is the name of the Indian Tennis player to win a Grand Slam tennis tournament?

Leander Paes has won a lot of doubles grand slams including Wimbledon a few years back with Martina Navratilova