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No why should you its just a jacket, you could just wear one and it wouldn't matter but it would be cool to say you snowboard at the same time

Of course you don't some people may think you are a bit of a try hard, i snowboard and i wear it when im Snowboarding and when im not. But who cares wat others think, they are quite comfortable and warm on a cold day, and some of them have awesome designs

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no you need snowboard boots to fit into the bindings. it is like ski boots that fit into your skis.

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Q: Can you ride on a snowboard without wearing snowboarding boots?
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What equipment does snowboarding have?

pretty much just the snowboard, boots, and bindings. And if needed a helmet, definitely gloves!

What is the purpose of Burton Driver X boots?

The Driver X Snowboard Boots provided by Burton are used primarily by people who like to snowboard as a hobby. They offer support for the impacts suffered by your feet well snowboarding.

What is included in a snowboard package?

Snowboard packages vary from company to company or shop to shop. But if you are going snowboarding then the least you should expect from a package is a snowboard and bindings. But if you take the time research you can also get some new boots for a little extra cost.

Are the DC dredge boots good for snowboarding?

NO The Dredge boots are not snowboarding boots. They are casual snow boots with features that are used in certain snowboarding boots but are not meant to strap into bindings.

Are snowboard boots bigger than ski boots?

They are roughly the same size. It's really more dependent on your shoe size and what type of boot you get. Ski boots are harder (and, in my opinion, less comfortable), whereas snowboarding boots look and feel more like normal boots.

What equipment do you use and wear in snowboarding?

A snowboard, and perhaps snowboard boots.You can get snowboards with buckles for normal shoes/boots, and you can get snowboards with click thingies, that you click snowboard boot into.Answer:You need a lot of equipment for snowboarding. Here is the equipment that is necessary: A snowboard, Snowboard boots, helmet (optional), goggles, gloves, and bindings. You need your equipment to be fitted properly or you can get badly hurt or not perform at your 110% top.A snowboard of course, gloves so your hands don't get cold, and goggles so nothing flys in your eyes.

What kind of snowboarding gear do I need to get started in the sport?

Essential gear to snowboard includes suitable clothing. A good snowboard jacket and pants are a good start along with mittens or gloves, goggles, stocking cap, and thermal socks. Basic equipment includes a snowboard, bindings, and boots.

Where can one purchase Burton snowboard boots?

REI has an offering of select snowboard boots by Burton available for purchase in store and online. These snowboard boots are made available for kids, as well as adults.

How many pieces of equipment do you need to snowboard?

Three. Snowboard, bindings, and boots.

How tight should snowboard boots be when you first purchase them?

they should be about an inch wider than your original foot size. you don't want them to be too tight because you could loose balance when you are snowboarding.

What do you need to snowboard?

you need a snowboard a hat a helement, a a winter hat, snowboarding coat, long Jon s,a piar of snowboarding socks, a ski mask to keep from frezzing your face off, a piar of googles and i think that is it

From where could one purchase women's snowboard boots?

There are several online websites where one could purchase women's snowboard boots. REI, Overstock, Evo, The House Boardshop and Moosejaw are online sources where women's snowboard boots are for sale.