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Three. Snowboard, bindings, and boots.

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2009-01-18 09:34:14
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Q: How many pieces of equipment do you need to snowboard?
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What equipment do you need for Olympic snowboarding?

a snowboard

What kind of equipment do you use for snowboarding?

A snowboard, and perhaps snowboard boots.You can get snowboards with buckles for normal shoes/boots, and you can get snowboards with click thingies, that you click snowboard boot into.Answer:You need a lot of equipment for snowboarding. Here is the equipment that is necessary: A snowboard, Snowboard boots, helmet (optional), goggles, gloves, and bindings. You need your equipment to be fitted properly or you can get badly hurt or not perform at your 110% top.A snowboard of course, gloves so your hands don't get cold, and goggles so nothing flys in your eyes.

What equipment do you need for snow boarding?

to snowboard safely you will need the following: - Snowboard - Bindings - Snowboarding boots - Helmet - Goggles - Snow pants, coat, hat, gloves ect.

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What kind of snowboarding gear do I need to get started in the sport?

Essential gear to snowboard includes suitable clothing. A good snowboard jacket and pants are a good start along with mittens or gloves, goggles, stocking cap, and thermal socks. Basic equipment includes a snowboard, bindings, and boots.

What equipment is needed to snowboard?

you need a snowboard a hat a helement, a a winter hat, snowboarding coat, long Jon s,a piar of snowboarding socks, a ski mask to keep from frezzing your face off, a piar of googles and i think that is it

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Why do you need snowboard wax?

You need to wax your snowboard because it reduces friction and lets your snowboard slide better. Its also reduces wear and tear from day to day use.

Do you need snowboard boots?


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