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No, only one ball is used in a game of Basketball.

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Q: Can there be tow basketballs in basketball?
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What are basketballs made for?

Basketballs are made for playing basketball.

What does basketballs do and how can basketballs be used?

Basketballs are used in the competitive team game of basketball.

What is the plural of basketball?


What is the plural word for basketball?


What is a basketball made from?

Basketball MaterialsA basketball is made out of Pigskin. That is why it has that orange color. For jet basketballs, they use different Pigskin. For colored basketballs, they use painted Pigskin. Not all basketballs are made from pigskin, however.

What are some popular online basketball games?

There are many popular basketball games that are offered on a number of websites. Games such as Basketballs, Basketballs Level Pack, Stick Basketball, and Basketball Rally are popular online basketball games.

How do you say basketballs in Spanish?

Baloncesto is basketball in spanish.

What is on the outside of a basketball?

the orange stuff is rubber on most basketballs.

How many basketballs do they take to a pro basketball game?


How many play on basketball?

13 people are playing basketballs

What sports company makes the basketballs used by the National Basketball Association?

Spalding made basketballs are the official ball of the NBA. I believe that the Wilson company is the official college basketball.

What size basketballs do pro basketball players use?

Size 7

What is a basketball rack?

a rack with usually three rows and it will hold basketballs on it

Does NBA stand for no basketballs allowed?

No it stands for National Basketball Association

What is the most expensive basketball or most expensive basketball brand?

Molten Basketballs, $30-120 each

What basketball company makes the best basketball?

Many would say that Spalding makes the best basketballs.

Do leather basketballs bounce higher than rubber basketballs?

I would say yes but it all depends on how much air is in the basketball in question.

What is the company for basketballs?

spalding is a major company who produce the actual basketball. the company for basketball players and games is the NBA

What company made the first basketball?

Spaulding was the first company to manufacture basketballs.

What are the roles of an umpire in basketball?

An umpire throws basketballs at players and sits on their faces.

How many basketballs does it take to get to the moon end to end?

1 Million Basketball

What basketball copany makes the best balls?

spalding. I have two spalding basketballs

Is there such thing as a pink basketball?

you can get basketballs in whatever color yu would like

Does the basketball affect how the players play?

Yes. That's why there are women & men's basketballs.

What is the surface area of a size 7 basketball?

That would depend on the basketballs themselves. Are we talking about standard basketballs? Are you wanting to measure youth basketballs? Actual surface area would also be affected by the inflation level of each basketball through inflation driven changes to the radii and diameter.