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No it stands for National Basketball Association

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Q: Does NBA stand for no basketballs allowed?
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What brand of basketballs is used in the NBA?


How many basketballs are brought to an NBA game?


How many basketballs are used in the NBA a year?


How many basketballs are used during a season in the NBA?


Does spalding make the basketballs in the us?

Their NBA ball is made in China. ?

Can 2 basketballs go through a nba hoop side by side?

your stupid. no

What sports company makes the basketballs used by the National Basketball Association?

Spalding made basketballs are the official ball of the NBA. I believe that the Wilson company is the official college basketball.

What is the circumference of a women's basketball?

The official basketballs used in the WNBA are made by Spalding and are 28.5 inches in circumference. The basketballs used in the NBA are 1-inch larger at 29.5 inches in circumference.

Can two NBA basketballs go through a rim?

At the same time or not, yes. This has been tested and proven.

What is the company for basketballs?

spalding is a major company who produce the actual basketball. the company for basketball players and games is the NBA

How many team fouls are allowed in an nba game?

Six fouls are allowed in the NBA.

What officials basketballs are used in the nba?

leather coated high rised masterpeises Muah

In the NBA how many fouls are you allowed per game?

In the NBA, you are allowed 6 fouls. After you get the sixth foul, you are out for the rest of the game.

What NBA stand for?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association

What does CHA stand for in the NBA?

it stand for charlotte bobcats

Which bounces higher leather basketballs or rubber basketballs?

rubber basketballs by far

What does basketballs do and how can basketballs be used?

Basketballs are used in the competitive team game of basketball.

Who was the first person in the NBA?

Larmar Odem, Jerry stackhouse, and also Kevin Garnett. They were the first to found the NBA as a money making tool. They started in Africa using primitive basketballs made of cow skin and coconuts.

Which brand of basketballs bounce higher Wilson basketballs or spalding basketballs?

the answer is SPALDING BALLS

How many players are NBA teams allowed to have on their roster?

Twelve active players are allowed to be on an NBA roster during each individual game.

How many basketballs did the store donate if the ratio of basketballs to soccer balls is 7 6. The store donates 24 soccer balls?

28 basketballs

What would be the percentage of 16 total basketballs and 4 of them are orange?

The 16 basketballs represent 100% of the basketballs in the question.

What are basketballs made for?

Basketballs are made for playing basketball.

Do basketballs contain petroleum?

Basketballs do contain petroleum.

Can basketballs bounce on carpet?

Basketballs CAN! bounce on carpet.