What does basketballs do and how can basketballs be used?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Basketballs are used in the competitive team game of Basketball.

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Q: What does basketballs do and how can basketballs be used?
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What are basketballs?

Basketballs. are round balls that are used to play on a court

What the difference in basketballs now and basketballs in the 1978?

i think they used cheaper back Bord's or I'm not sure if this is really old, when they used old basket

How many basketballs are used during a season in the NBA?


Are basketballs endangered?

No, there is a surplus of basketballs

Do basketballs contain petroleum?

Basketballs do contain petroleum.

What would be the percentage of 16 total basketballs and 4 of them are orange?

The 16 basketballs represent 100% of the basketballs in the question.

Can there be tow basketballs in basketball?

No, only one ball is used in a game of basketball.

Are basketballs different for guys and girls?

Men use size 7 basketballs Women use size 6 basketballs

What is a basketballs temperature?

a basketballs temperature is warm in the summer and cold in the winter

What officials basketballs are used in the nba?

leather coated high rised masterpeises Muah

How many basketballs were sold in 1998?

there were 3.6 million basketballs sold in 1998.

What phobia is the fear of basketballs?

There does not appear to be a scientific name to describe the fear of basketballs.