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As long as it goes 10 yards.

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Q: Can the kicker be the first one to touch the ball on an onside kick?
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Can the kicker kick the ball again after a goal kick if no ones else touches the ball first?

no someone else has to touch it first

Can you onside punt on a safety?

There is no such thing as an onside punt because if you punt it, the other team has to touch the ball before you can recover it. There is such thing as an onside kick on a kickoff when the ball can go ten yards then any team can recover it. Or on an onside kickoff if it hits the receiving team, anyone can recover it

Do you have to touch the ball on in indirect kick in soccer?

The kicker and one other player must touch the ball before a goal may be scored.

What is the rule for onside kicks in football?

No member of the kicking team may touch the ball until it has travelled 10 yards from where the ball was kicked unless a member of the receiving team touches it first.

In football on an onside kick if the ball touches the receiving team and then the kicking team recovers is it a turnover?

the defence doesnt have to touch the ball in order for the offence to get it.

What happens when the kicker does not kick the football past 10 yards on an onside kick?

The kicking team cannot recover the ball unless a returning team member touches it.

How many yards does the ball have to travel on an onside kick before the receiving team can recover it?

The ball must travel at least ten yards and it must touch the ground . The order of these occurances does not matter. These restrictions are not in effect if the receivers touch the ball first. If the ball is touched by the receivers first either team may recover the ball but only the receivers may advance the kick.

Does an onside kick have to go beyond ten yards?

If the kicking team wants to recover their own onside kick and be awarded possession, then yes, the ball must travel ten yards before it is touched by a player from the kicking team, UNLESS the ball is first touched by a member of the receiving team. The receiving team can touch and/or recover the ball at any time. The ball ALSO has to touch the ground in addition to going 10 yards. Both those conditions must be met for the kicking team to recover the kick and maintain possession. The other way to do it is for the receiving team to touch the ball first.

Must the football touch the ground during an onside kick for the kicking team to receive the ball?

No it doesn't, but one of the receiving team must touch it 1st if it hasen't hit the ground to make it a live ball. Mark

What are the rules for onside kick?

The rules for an onside kick (or any kickoff, for that matter) state that the ball must travel forward 10 yards before the kicking team may touch the ball, unless the receiving team touches it first. The receiving team may touch the ball at any time. If the kicking team recovers, they may not advance the ball. The NFL has recently implemented additional rules which make recovery of the onside kick nearly impossible: No more than five players on the kicking team may line up on one side of the ball, and the receiving team may line up just 5 yards from the ball.

In the NFL does the ball have to move 10 feet or more in a onside kick?

The ball must travel 10 yards ( 30 ft. ) on an onside kick.

What is an onside punt?

An onside punt is a punt after a safety. After a safety the ball turns over to the defensive team. The team on offense punting the ball away can punt onside by punting ten yards. The ball is live, just like an onside kick, and can be recovered by the punting team.The Miami Dolphins used this in the 1980's to beat Cincinnati.

What is a onside kick in NFL?

An onside kick in the NFL is the same in any other level of football. The onside kick is a strategy. After a team has scored a touchdown, that team must kick the ball to the opposing team. The kicking team may kick the ball as far as they want but if it goes out of bounds it is a pentalty. The ball must also pass ten yards before the kicking team can touch the ball and take possession of it. The goal of the onside kick is to recover the ball after the ball has crossed ten yards from where the ball was kicked, and set your offense up to score again. The onside kick is usually used when a team is losing and needs to score in a little amount of time. But, that is a tough thing to do because the opposing team has a better chance of recovering the ball than the kicking team.

Can the kicker be offsides on an onside kick when his plant foot is sometimes 18 inches ahead of the ball?

No. Rules state the kicker's plant foot may be beyond the line at the time of the kick. Should a holder of the ball be necessary, he may also be beyond the line. All other players must be inbounds and behind the line at the time of the kick.

On indirect free kick player touches ball inside penalty area?

One would expect the kicker to touch the ball on an indirect free kick.

Can you be offside if you start in an offside position and then run into your own half to play the ball?

No. Merely returning to an onside position is not enough. Once a player is determined to be offside two things must happen to fix it: 1. That player must get back to an onside position ...and... 2. a team-mate must touch the ball, an opponent must control the ball, or the ball must leave play.

What are 2 rules directly relating to the kick off?

The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves. The ball must move forward on the first touch; forward is defined as "more toward the opponent's goal line than your own goal line." As with all kicking restarts, another player must touch the ball before the kicker may touch it a second time.

In soccer during a corner kick may the kicker play the ball again after it has rebounded from one of the uprights and comes back to the original kicker without any other player involved?

No. The original kicker may not touch the ball a second time until another player has touched it or play has been stopped.

Does the ball have to hit the ground for the kickers to recover an onside kick?


Can the kicking team pass the 10 yard mark before the ball on an onside kick?

Yes. There is no rule about the kicking team passing the 10 yard mark before the ball, only that the kicking team cannot touch the ball before it travels 10 yards unless the ball is first touched by a member of the receiving team.

Can you advance the ball on an onside kick in the NFL?

The receiving team can advance the ball once they gain possession. The kicking team cannot advance the ball unless it was first in possession of the receiving team.

Can you pass the ball on a penalty soccer?

The penalty kick must have a forward component. The only restriction is that the kicker may not touch the ball again until another player has touched it.

If you kick a drop goal but the ball does not go over the dead ball line can you touch it down and score a legal try?

Yes, so long as you are on side (behind the goal kicker) when the ball is kicked.

Can a player touch the ball twice if first touch was a block in volleyball?


Can an onside kick be advanced if kicking team recovers it?

If the kicking team legally recovers an onside attempt, the ball is dead, the clock is stopped, and the kicking team gets the ball for an offensive series at the spot of recovery.