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A pitched ball can hit the ground before crossing home-plate. In most cases the batter would not swing and the pitch would be called a ball. But, if the batter decides the swing, the ball is still in play after hitting the ground and the batter may not hit the ball and receive a strike, or he may foul the ball, or hit a base-hit.

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Q: Can a pitched ball hit the ground before it crosses home plate?
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Is a runner out if he is touched on the helmet before he crosses home plate?


Can the batter hit a pitched ball that hits the ground before crossing home plate?

Yes, but if he doesn't swing at the pitch, it would be a Ball.

Does the run count if two outs with the third out being a force out if the run crosses home plate first?

Yes, if the run crosses home plate before the third out is made, the run will count.

Who determines if run crossed plate before the out the umpire or the scorekeeper?

The umpire. If the runner crosses the plate before a tag for the 3rd out is applied, then the run scores. On a force out, no run scores regardless of the timing.

Is it considered a swing if the bat crosses the plate even if the batter successfully stops his swing?

Yes, either you swing or you don't, there is no middle ground.

Is there a legal pitch where the ball bounces off the ground before it goes over the home plate?

Well No, but remember if he swings its a strike The pitch is legal but it cannot be called a strike unless the batter swings and misses or hits the ball foul. The batter may swing at a ball that hits the ground before home plate and if he hits it fair play goes on. In other words, if a batter were to hit a home run on a pitched ball that hit the ground before home plate, it would be ruled a home run.

Does run count if runner from third crosses plate?


What happens before a plate moves in the Earth's surface?

the ground shifts and there are tiny earthquakes.

Does the run count if while runners on second and third the runner on third crosses the plate while the third baseman tags the man coming from second to third for the third out on a ground ball?

The run will count if the runner on third crosses the plate before the runner on second gets taged out. All force place end the inning without any runs scoring, however, all tag plays end the inning at the time of the third out.

If a ball is pitched and it crosses the batter at his eyes and then drops into the strike zone is it a strike?

Yes. The umpire calls the pitch by determining if any part of the ball crossed any part of the plate within the strike zone. If the pitch does not cross home plate, the umpire calls a ball. If the pitch crosses any part of home plate, the umpire determines the height of the ball as it crossed the plate. If the beight is within the strike zone, it is called a strike. If it is outside the strike zone, it is called a ball.

Does the runner score from third if batter tries to stretch a single and gets thrown out at second base?

If there are less than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, this is a timing play. If the runner crosses home plate before the batter is thrown out at second base, the run counts. If the batter is thrown out at second base before the runner crosses home plate, the run does not count.

When does a swing become a strike?

When your bat crosses the plane of the rear point of the plate

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