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Yes. No problem.

However, a base runner can neither pass another runner nor may he assist the other runner in running the bases.

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Q: Can a base runner touch another base runner?
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Can a base runner pass another base runner?

No they can not, and if a base runner does pass another base runner that base runner would be called out.

Is a base runner out if he passes another base runner?


In MLB does the baseman need to touch the base to get the runner out?

If it is a force (i.e. there are people on all the bases behind the runner) play, then yes, the baseman needs to touch the base to get the runner out. If the runner is not required to move to that base, then the baseman must tag the runner to get him out. The baseman does not NEED to touch the base to record the out. The defense may tag the runner OR the bag.

Does the runner need to touch the base?

yes the batter must touch the base or he will called out

When a base runner passes another runner he is out what happens to the runner he passed Is he out or continues to run to the next base?

The player who passed another on the base paths is out, the runner that was passed can continue to run to the next base.

If a runner hits and touches base with another runner on base is out?

yes yes

Should a base runner re-tag after each pitch?

NO, a runner does not have to go back and touch the base after every pitch

What is the base that baseball runner must touch?

The pitchers mound

When the defense does not have to tag the runner they just have to touch the base?

Force out

When a foul ball is hit does the base runner have to touch the base?

Yes. He must tag the base.

If on a fielders choice the 2nd baseman doesn't touch the base can the runner be out?

If the runner gets tagged, then he is out. If the base doesn't get stepped on or the runner gets tagged, then he is safe.

What does ''advance the runner'' mean?

In baseball "advance the runner" is a term used to say get a runner on base to move forward to another base.

Can you go back and touch a base you missed after a following runner has scored?


When the runner must run and all the fielder needs to do is touch the base is what?

an out

If a runner is hit with the ball by a miss throw by to the second base man is the runner out?

No. To force an out, the defensive player has to touch the runner with the ball or touch the runner with the glove while the ball is in the glove. A thrown ball touching a runner does not count.

Is scoring out of order in baseball OK?

No. You can't even touch a base out of order. If you pass a runner (and touch the next base before he does) you are out.

Can a base coach touch a runner who is occupying a base?

yes, he trying to tell him/her goodjob or telling them what to do

When a base runner passes another is play dead?

no, the runner that was passed is declared out

Does a fielder have to step on the base before making a tag out on the runner?

No, the fielder does NOT have to touch the base before tagging a runner out. The fielder only touches the base on a forced play.

When must a base runner be tagged in softball?

When there isn't a runner behind them forcing them to run. For example, if a runner is on 2nd base but there is no one on 1st base, the runner must be tagged on their way to 3rd in order to get them out. However, if there IS a runner on 1st, the 3rd baseman can simply touch the base because it is a force out.

Is it a hit if a base runner misses first base?

yes it is a hit, but they can still be out if a defender taps either the base or the runner before he can "get safe" on base. It's the same thing as if a runner hit a bunt, they can still get out until they actually touch the base.

Does a 1st baseman foot have to touch 1st base while holding the runner on?


How do ypu steal in baseball superstars 2011?

Just touch the runner on base.

Does a base runner need to return and touch his base after the batter hits a foul ball that is not caught?

Yes he does.

Can a batter touch another player before touching homeplate?

Not sure exactly what you're asking here. Neither a batter nor a base runner may INTERFERE with a fielder attempting to field a ball. If there's contact without interference, nothing happens. If a fielder is blocking the path of a base runner from reaching a base, the runner is definitely permitted to touch that fielder -- up to and including ramming his elbow into that fielder's neck.