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If the batter puts the ball in play, and reaches base without an error being made by the defense, nor is it ruled a fielder's choice, the batter gets credit for a hit.

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Q: What is counted as a hit in baseball?
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Does a batted ball that hits a baserunner get credit with a hit?

the baserunner will be out and it will be counted as a hit

Is a walk in softball counted as a hit?

No, a walk is a walk

If the ball hit on net and come to the opposite team in volleyball is it counted?

yes it being counted if a person does not pick to ball when the ball hit on net and come to that side..and nice question.

If a batter reaches base via a bunt is it counted as a hit?

It is.

What is a base hit in baseball?

A base hit is known as a single in baseball.

How far does a wooden baseball bat hit a baseball?

It matters how far you hit it

Was there a baseball hit out of Yankee stadium?

no baseball was ever hit out of Yankees Stadium for a home run.

How fast can a baseball player hit a baseball?

they can hit it like 104 mph if they can get the bat in the zone

What is the pitch that is hit the most in baseball?

The fastball is the pitch most thrown and most hit in baseball.

Two-base hit in baseball?

A two-base hit in baseball is officially named a double.

Is it legal to hit a baseball one handed?

Yes, it is legal to hit a baseball one-handed.

What baseball brand goes the farthest when hit?

Definately a Wilson baseball. I hit 12homeruns in 8 games using a Wilson baseball.

What to do when penis gets hit by a baseball?

Hit it into outfield.

What was used to hit a baseball before the baseball bat?

A baseball stick.

Hit in head by baseball?

There are many people who have been hit in the head by a baseball. These people will say it hurt.

Intended use of a baseball bat?

To hit a baseball.

Who is responsible for a car hit by a foul baseball?

The baseball

Can you hit a tee-ball or baseball farther?


Is a fielder's choice a hit against the pitcher?

No. Since the fielder's choice is a force out, the batter doesn't get credit for a hit even if he is safe, nor does the pitcher get a hit counted against him.

What is the name of an unsuccessful attempt to hit the ball in golf which must be counted as a stroke?


Will a tornado hit land?

Yes. It is not officially counted as a tornado unless it touches the ground.

Who hit the baseball the farthest?

Mickey Mantle hit the baseball the farthest at five hundred and twenty seven feet

What is a signed Milt Pappas No Hit baseball worth?

how much is a signed milt pappas no hit baseball worth

What is it call when you get hit by a pitch in baseball?

HBP...hit by pitch.

What is the hardest hit to get in baseball?

as hard as u can hit i guess.

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