Average time for mile run for a fit 30 year old?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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6 mins or less for 1 mile.

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Q: Average time for mile run for a fit 30 year old?
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What the average time for mile run by a 17 year old?

Longer than the average time for a 17 year old male. :-) I suppose it would be about in between 35 and 45 minutes, running about 1 mile in 7-9 minutes. If you were really fast, you could do it in 25 minutes and if you were really slow you could do it in about 55 minutes but the average is 40 minutes.

How long does it take the average person to run 1 mile?

i can run a 5:43 and im in 9th grade girl... but all my friends are fit and they run about a 7 or 8 minute mile... i think the average mile time for a girl my age is about an 8 minute mile. if anyone disagrees then so be it im not a scientist... just a person. everyone can give their opion

What is average time for 53 year-old female to run a 5K?

About 30-40 minutes (10-13 min/mile) is pretty much average for a runner over age 40.

How fast can an average woman run a mile?

depends on how fit. im doing a mile soona and i aim to run it in under 8 mins.

What is the average mile time for a 45 year old?

I'm a male, age 38. I smoke 30 cigarettes a day. I'm not especially fit, but much better than I was 6 months ago. I can do a mile and half in 11:45, so that's just under 8 mins for a mile. If I was only running one mile I might get it down to 7:30. I've read a lot about this and it seems that 4 mins for a mile is top level athlete standard, 5-6 mins is club runner standard and 7-8 mins is just about respectable for a non-competitive runner in his 30s.

Average time for 100 meter dash for 50-60 year old men?

20 seconds -- if they are relatively fit. Otherwise, I'd say an average 60-year old wouldn't even make it that far.

What would 4 minute 53 second time convert to in a 1 mile track race?

If you are wondering how that time equates to average I have bad news if you are 13 Y.O. or more. You have a lot of work to do, the average reasonably fit teenager can do that with no training. [or they could in the fifties when I was in school and Roger Bannister was our hero].

What is a good 5k time for a 55 year old male?

To be in the militay, you need to run two miles in 15:54 (at age 18). At age 30, in the military, you need to run two miles in 17:00. So if you are very fit, I'd say an 8.5 minute mile. If you are not fit or are trying to get fit, maybe a 9-10 minute mile.

Hom many inches fit in a mile?

There are 63,360 inches in a mile.

Good time to run .25 mile?

about 2.5 to three minutes A fit teenager should do it in around a minute

What is the average time for a sixteen year old male to run a mile?

A functioning, fit human being should run about a 12.4. If you're one of those people that is not bad, but not super good, should run about 11.7. If you train your heart out or you are just a prodigy, you should be somewhere from 11.2 to a 10.8. Elite/Olympic runners hit about 10.1/10.3 to 9ish.

How many people can fit in on square mile?

The number of people that can fit in one square mile depends on the density of the population. On average, a square mile of land could accommodate around 5,000 to 10,000 people in urban areas with high population densities, but this number can vary significantly based on factors like building heights, city planning, and infrastructure.