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The yz 125 is better because 2005 and up have An aluminum frame and over all better. The kx 125 is ok but they made an aluminum frame in 2007. I would always go with yamaha

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โˆ™ 2011-11-27 00:31:21
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Q: Are the yz 125's or kx 125's better?
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What dirt bike is faster cr yz kx?


Will a 1985 kx 125 jug fit a 1991 kx 125?

no the 1985 kx 125 cylinder will only fit years 85-87 kx 125s

Is a kx 125 faster than a yz 125?

no i have a 2000 yz 125 and can beat a kx 125 blind folded

Can you trade in your ttr 125 for a yz 125?

Not likely, ttr 125s are 4 stroke and it is a trail bike. a yz 125 is a 2 stroke race bike. yz 125s are worth more unless you trade for a older model then the ttr. its posable but highly unlikely

What is faster a kx 60 or a yz 85?

believe it or not, the kx 60 is faster a cause of it having a motor too powerful for the small, light frame, so yes, the kx 60 is faster than the yz 85

How fast does a yz65 go?

there is no such thing as a yz 65 there is a kx 65 and a rm 65 and a ktm 65 but no yz 65

When was the first RM 125 launched?

The first RM 125 was launched in 1975 by the company Suzuki. RM 125 was not competitive against other bikes like Kawasaki KX, Honda CR and Yamaha YZ models and was quickly modified in 1975. After its modification, it was renamed the model as RM 125S.

Do motorcross bikes have titles?

yeah yz kx rm cr TM sx

Whats the best dirt bike?

kx 250f. yz = trash crf = to many problems (engine) rmz = same as kx. just yellow.

Fuel mix ratio for 2004 kx 85?

32:1 for KX 40:1 for YZ Not sure the ratio on CR's, and RM's.

What is faster a 1999 kx 80 or a 2001 yz 80?

The kx 80 goes way faster it goes 65 If u have a pro circuit pipe it will go 70-75 The yz 80 goes 50-55 if u have a pro circuit pipe it will go 55-67

Will ktm 250sx 98 model wheels fit yz cr kx rm 250's?

try lol they may but probably not

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