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try lol they may but probably not

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โˆ™ 2012-02-25 17:40:51
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Q: Will ktm 250sx 98 model wheels fit yz cr kx rm 250's?
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Do late model wheels fit a 1941 ford?


Will stock 1994 Camaro wheels fit on a 1999 model?


Will Rubicon 16s fit a Jeep Wrangler X?

Be more specific TJ Rubicon wheels will fit on any TJ model X, Sahara, SE, RME, Apex, Willys, ect. TJ WHEELS WILL NOT FIT ON A JK AND JK WHEELS WILL NOT FIT ON A TJ JK Rubicon wheels will fit on any JK

What other model cars wheels will fit a BA falcon?

VW Audi

Will an 07 kawasaki brute force wheels fit the 08 model?

yep! same dimension!

Will wheels from a 2002 model Lincoln ls fit on a 2007 dodge charger?

Not without modification

Do 17 wheels fit a corsa?

NO! 17 wheels do NOT fit a corsa

What year model wheels fit a 2000 Wrangler?

1987 thru 2006 will fit your 2000 Wrangler, the bolt pattern changed in 2007

Are wheels with teeth that fit together?

Gears are wheels with teeth that fit together.

How can OEM wheels be produced?

The production of OEM wheels differs from that of the standard variety. OEM wheels are made with the highest-quality material and are designed to fit each make and model of the vehicle concerned.

Will 1998 ktm 250sx plastic fit a 1997 ktm 250sx?

No, they look like they should but they dont. just the front fender. i just got a whole set of new plastics for my 97.. UFO... 122.00 shipped to my door.

What is Bolt pattern for a Mazda proteger 2001?

Just go to and select your make and model , and choose the size of wheel you want, then you will know from the wheels that are available which ones will fit your car as they automatically filter out wheels that do not fit your vehicle.

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