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No. A hat-trick in cricket is three wickets from successive balls. That can span from the end of one over to the beginning of the bowler's next, although not across innings.

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Q: A bowler gets a three wicket in a match in three different overs but its a ha-trick?
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Which fast bowler name most wicket in test match?

glenn macgrath

Which bowler takes a large numbers of wicket in a test match?

Muththaiya Muralidaren

Which bowler claimed first hatrick in an odi cricket match?

Jalal-ud-Din Pakistan against Australia.

Who is the first bowler to take a wicket on the very first ball of the match in IPL?

Zaheer Khan

Who is the first wicket taker bowler in one day cricket match?

SevaRam DaddaWala(Gungu)

What does took 5 wikets mean?

Its a great achievement for a bowler who takes 5 wickets in a match. Known as 5 wicket Haul.

Which bowler taken 20 wicket in a match?

nobody has taken so far. Jim laker of England has come the closest. he got 19 wkts in a test match against Australia.

Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?

Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

What is a heart-trick?

You mean a hatrick when a player scores 3 goals in one match.

Can a bowler do bowling using both hands in the same match or in the over?

Yes. At the beginning of a new spell, the umpire will ask the bowler "Right-arm over?" or something similar to determine which arm he will use and which side of the wicket he will bowl from. The umpire then informs the batsman. If the bowler decides to change either of these (to bowl around the wicket or with his left arm) he must inform the umpire, who informs the batsman. If changes either without telling the umpire, the delivery is illegal and will be called a no-ball. Similarly, a batsman must tell a bowler whether he will bat right- or left-handed, and cannot change without notifying the bowler. A bowler, however, does not have to tell anyone what style he intends to bowl. There is nothing to stop a bowler from bowling a fizzing leg break, followed by a 150km/h thunderbolt, followed by an arm ball. "Which arm" and "which side" are the only things a bowler has to disclose.

In a cricket match if a bowler bowls first 2 balls wide then can the the captain change the bowler?

No. The same bowler must continue the bowling.

Indian fastest bowler in cricket match?


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