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Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

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Q: Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?
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Who is India's first wicket keeper?

Janardan Navle is India's first wicket keeper.

Who Was the Wicket Keeper in 1983 World Cup?

SMH Kirmani was Indian wicket keeper in 1983 world cup.

Who was the west indies wicket keeper in clive lloyd's team?

Derrick Murray was the Trinidadian wicket keeper / Bats man.

Want to know distance between wicket keeper and stupms?

There is no set distance. Normally the wicket keeper will stand right up at the stumps to spin bowlers. To faster bowlers the 'keeper normally stands so that the ball is caught chest high to a delivery of normal legnth.

Which penalty runs is due to a mistake of wicket keeper in cricket?

The wicket keeper normally puts the fielders helmet behind him , so if the wicket keeper misses the ball and it hits the helmet behind him the team that is batting gets 5 runs

Who is the only wicket-keeper captain to win the Man of the Match in a World Cup final?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni; the Indian Wicket-Keeper Captain.

Is mahendra singh dhoni a wicket keeper?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a wicket keeper but he also can bowl a nice medium pace and a brilliant batsmen.

Who is the wicket keeper of Pakistan Cricket teem?

Moin Khan was the wicket-keeper of Pakistan in the 1999 ODI Cricket World Cup.

Is virat kohli a wicket keeper?


Who was Wicket keeper in the invincibles team?

The wicket keeper in 4 of the 5 test matches for the Australian 1948 tour of England was Don Tallon. Ron Saggers (Don's understudy for the tour) kept wicket in the fourth test.

What is another name for a wicket keeper's gloves?

The answer is Gauntlets

Who is England's wicket keeper?

Matthew James Prior