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nobody has taken so far. Jim laker of England has come the closest. he got 19 wkts in a test match against Australia.

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Q: Which bowler taken 20 wicket in a match?
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Hass Bangladesh taken 20 wickets in a Test match ever?

Yes, Bangladesh once took 20 wicket in a Test Match against Sri Lanka.

How close are the batter and the bowler in a game of cricket?

wicket - to - wicket is 22 yards so as both stand a little between them i guess they're 20-21 yards apart (approx 18m)

Highest wicket taker bowler of Pakistan?

Tests - Wasim Akram (414) One Dayers - Wasim Akram (502) T-20's - Umar Gul (42)

Who was the first bowler to pick a one day hat-trick?

The first bowler to take a hat-trick in a One Day International match was Jalal-ul-Din of Pakistan, against Australia at Hyderabad, 20 September 1982. His wickets came as follows:Rod Marsh (Bowled)Bruce Yardley (Caught (wk) Wasim Bari)Geoff Lawson (Bowled).He also took the wicket of Allan Border earlier in the innings to finish with four for the match.

How many wickets has Kevin Pietersen taken in his career?

Kevin Pietersen has taken 5 Test wickets for England, 7 One-Day International wickets, and one 20-20 wicket. In first-class matches Pietersen has taken 62 wickets in the four-day format, 41 in one-day matches, and 17 in 20-20 games.

Who was the first bowler to take a hat trick in the world twenty 20?

chetan shrama is a hatric bowler

Who take maximum wickets in 1999 world cup?

Shane Warne the spinner of Australia and Geoff Allot the medium-fast bowler of New Zealand both took 20 wickets each and were the leading wicket takers in the 1999 World Cup!

What are the ratings and certificates for Hogan's Heroes - 1965 Sticky Wicket Newkirk 3-20?

Hogan's Heroes - 1965 Sticky Wicket Newkirk 3-20 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Which bowler took 1st hat-trick on T-20 world cup?

Which fielder has taken most number of catches in T20 World Cups so far

How far does a bowler bowl from in cricket?

approximately 20 metres

Who was the First Bowler to take Hat-Trick in a World Cup Match?

Jalal-ud-Din from pakistan take hattrick against australia in Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad on 20 September 1982

Who take most wicket in world cup cricket 1999?

Geoff Allott (20) and Shane Warne (20)

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